Brand Series: JLG

Brand Series: JLG

Finding the right material handling equipment for your business is a critical decision. Purchasing your lifts from well-known manufacturers increases productivity and employee safety. That’s why HTX only offers high-quality equipment from leading brands like JLG. Read more about this leading equipment brand and its selection of products.

What Is JLG Industries?

JLG Industries is a leading manufacturer of lifting equipment, including forklifts, scissor lifts, boom lifts, and more. With a strong commitment to innovation, safety, and reliability, they have established itself as a trusted brand in the material handling industry. They cater to a wide range of industries, including construction, warehousing, manufacturing, and more.

Why JLG Equipment Is a Favorite in Material Handling

JLG forklifts have earned a reputation as favorites in the material handling industry for several reasons. Their robust construction, reliable performance, and versatility make them ideal for various applications. Whether lifting heavy loads in a warehouse or navigating rough terrains on a construction site, JLG forklifts deliver exceptional results. In addition, their commitment to safety features and ergonomic design ensures optimal user experience and reduces the risk of accidents.

How JLG Has Evolved

Over the years, JLG’s equipment has gone through significant advancements and improvements. From early models to the latest designs, they have consistently incorporated new technologies and features to enhance the performance and efficiency of their lifts.

For example, in 2022, the company made strides with increased electrified solutions and model options for meeting client demand, expanding its product portfolio, and enhancing existing lines. One of these enhancements comes via the 670SJ Boom Lift with self-leveling capabilities. This model acknowledges and adapts to the reality that most job sites are not flat, improving job productivity and stability overall.

This level of dedication toward continuous improvement is what sets JLG miles apart from other material handling brands.

HTX strives to meet the needs of our customers by supplying material handling equipment from the industry’s leading brands.
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Popular JLG Models and Their Unique Features

HTX offers a wide variety of world-leading JLG equipment, such as the following:

JLG Articulated and Telescopic Trailers

The articulated and telescopic trailers built by JLG offer multiple applications for indoor and outdoor use. With heights ranging from 35 to 79 feet, skilled workers can use these trailers to easily reach limited access areas. Their light weight allows them to be towed to nearly any site, and they feature an innovative stabilizer that provides an even platform on uneven surfaces. These trailers offer exceptional outreach, versatile performance, and easy maintenance.

Lightweight Self-Propelled Booms

The lightweight self-propelled booms JLG offers are among the most versatile machines on the market. With adjustable heights of up to 61 feet and low ground pressure for sensitive surfaces, they’re ideal for working outdoors and on concrete.

These booms also feature hydraulic outriggers that can be set up in under 30 seconds, eliminating the need for heavy counterweights. The light weight of JLG’s self-propelled boom means you don’t need a commercial driver’s license to operate it, allowing increased use for small contractors and businesses.

Articulating Booms

The electric articulating boom lifts allow your staff to reach what others can’t. With maximum heights approaching 130 feet, working in limited access areas is much easier. Some of the benefits of JLG lifts include:

Superior Performance

JLG’s lifts offer industry-leading duty cycles that allow for longer periods of operation and faster battery charging.

Enhanced Maneuverability

Some models boast automatic traction control that allows them to work on uneven surfaces inside the warehouse and out in the field.

Increased Fuel Efficiency

JLG’s electric lift provides long-term environmental benefits by creating zero emissions.


If you’re looking for equipment that offers comfort, confidence, and functionality, look no further than telehandlers. These machines include best-in-class cabs and enhanced visibility. JLG’s telehandlers help operators accomplish several tasks with the ideal combination of strength, versatility, and technology.

Telescopic Booms

JLG manufactures telescopic booms that allow straight and direct elevation. They offer the best outreach compared to other brands and can operate on difficult ground conditions. With simultaneous and proportional movements, these booms provide superior driver comfort and safety.

Scissor Lifts

JLG’s scissor lifts deliver long-lasting performance that increases warehouse productivity. HTX offers two types:

Electric Scissor Lifts

The electric scissor lifts offered by JLG are designed to last longer, minimize operating noise, and produce zero emissions. They increase efficiency and safety for your workers because they’re outfitted with the latest technology.

Engine Powered Scissor Lifts

JLG’s line of engineer power scissor lifts is ideal for managers looking to increase lifting capacity. These lifts offer a larger work area and work effectively in all terrains.

Vertical Masts

Vertical masts are perfect for maintenance work in tight spaces. JLG’s industry-leading vertical masts are available in two options:

Push-Around Vertical Mast Lifts

Push-around lifts eliminate the need for scaffolding and allow workers to get closer to important overhead work. They’re also versatile enough to maneuver through standard doorways and narrow aisles.

Driveable Vertical Mast Lifts

JLG’s driveable vertical mast lifts feature superior battery life, making them more reliable than other models on the market. With excellent maneuverability and user-friendly controls, these masts are ideal for any warehouse.

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For superior warehouse solutions, choose HTX Material Handling. Our mission is to become the premier servicer and supplier of material handling equipment—that’s why we combine knowledge and experience to create the best value for our customers.

When you choose to work with HTX Material Handling, you can expect world-class products and services, including lift trucks, warehouse automation, telematics, autonomous vehicles, and more. We provide immediate parts availability, planned maintenance and equipment repair, short-term and long-term rental equipment, and fleet management and optimization.

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