Forklift Attachments that Improve Your Productivity

Forklifts are an essential component of your warehouse. They help move loads of material from one end of the warehouse to another with ease and efficiency—but did you know you can further improve your productivity by integrating forklift attachments? Keep reading to learn more about the many types of forklift attachments and their use in specific warehouse operations.

What Types of Forklift Attachments Are Available?

There are many types of forklift attachments. Each one of them allows you to alter the abilities of your forklift or lift truck, providing a higher degree of specialization for your warehouse tasks. Below, you’ll find a list of some of the most common types of forklift attachments and how they’re used to help your business.

Side Shifters

Side shifters are a commonly used attachment that allow the forklift operator to move products side to side while they’re being transported. If a load is not aligned properly, this lets the operator correct any imbalance without having to get out of their seat. Side shifters improve the speed and efficiency of transporting materials and reduce the amount of wear and tear on the forklift itself.

Fork Positioners

If you work with a variety of pallet sizes and materials, fork positioners are the perfect forklift attachment. This tool automatically adjusts the width of the forks to accommodate varying pallet sizes. This automatic process is another way that forklift operators can improve their speed and efficiency.

Forklift Clamps

Clamps are an important forklift attachment that allow you to safely move products that can’t be transported by pallet. Clamps wrap around the sides of the product, rather than supporting it from its underside. Washers, dryers, and refrigerators are great examples of materials that need to be moved using a forklift clamp.

Forklift Spreaders

Forklift spreaders are an attachment that reduce the risk of damaging heavy material that has a tendency to bend under its own weight. Forklift spreaders distribute the weight of the material over a larger area, allowing the material to be better supported. Spreaders are great to use when transporting heavy plasterboard, metal sheeting, or timber.

Carpet Poles

If your warehouse deals with a lot of fabric, carpet poles are the perfect attachment for your forklift. Carpet poles are long, thin attachments with tapered tips that allow the operator to pick up carpets, rugs, or rolls of material from their central core. They can then be transported from one location to another with ease.

Cylinder Caddies

Cylinder caddies are a type of forklift attachment that make transporting tanks of liquid or gas, like propane, safe and efficient. Using a combination of chains and steel supports, this forklift attachment secures the tanks in place allowing the forklift operator to transport multiple containers at a time without fear of disrupting the internal contents of the containers.

Fork Extensions

Fork extensions are an important tool that increase the amount of carrying space on a forklift. This lets the operator carry larger loads of materials. Although forklift extensions are a great tool to have, they should not exceed more than 1.5 times the standard length of the forks. This prevents the load from being too front heavy, which can cause the forklift to tip over.

Fork-Mounted Drum Handling

Fork-mounted drum handling attachments allow a forklift operator to pick up plastic or steel drums with ease. They come in a variety of configurations, such as grabbers, lifters, and carriers. Although fork-mounted drum handling attachments are similar to forklift clamps, they are specifically designed to fit 30- and 50-gallon drums.

Multiple Load Handlers

For warehouses with a high volume of products, multiple load handlers are a great attachment for forklifts. This attachment allows the operator to carry multiple pallet loads at a time, which increases efficiency. Multiple load handlers can expand the forklift capacity to either two or three pallets at a time.

Mast Attachments

Masts are ideal forklift attachments for lifting materials high off the ground. This variety of configurations of this forklift attachment allow the operator to lift material to greater heights. Masts come in single-stage, two-stage, three-stage, and four-stage options. This attachment circumvents the need to purchase or rent a forklift with a large mast.


Rotators allow the operator to tilt the load they’re carrying. They’re the perfect tool for emptying out a container and are often used in the food and beverage industry.




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How To Decide Which Forklift Attachments Your Warehouse Needs

To determine which forklift attachments are most suitable for your warehouse, you’ll need to ask the few key questions outlined below.

What Load Weight Do You Need To Handle?

To ensure proper forklift safety, you need to know the maximum load capacity that you’ll be transporting. Forklift attachments can alter the maximum load capacity of your forklift, so you need to be sure it can handle the weight of the material you’re moving before you purchase anything.

How High Do You Need To Lift Materials?

Knowing how high you plan to hoist materials can also help you determine what attachments are best for your warehouse. For example, if you have three layers of racks, you’ll need at least a three-stage mast attachment. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that adding attachments to your forklift can change how the load weight is distributed. If your forklift is unstable, it can tip over and injure employees or damage materials.

Do New Forklift Attachments Require Extra Training?

When you install new forklift attachments, it’s possible that you’ll be required to provide extra training so that the forklift can be operated safely. Training and certification can be expensive, and your employees might have to take time out of their day to become certified on the new equipment. Keep these in mind when considering adding attachments.

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