How Proper Fleet Management Impacts Supply Chain

How Proper Forklift Fleet Management Impacts Your Supply Chain

Warehouse efficiency and productivity have been significantly tested over the last two years. Managers have to deal with labor shortages that expose the flaws associated with lean management techniques. Many businesses have started improving their forklift fleet management to minimize the impact of supply chain shortages. Read more about the new challenges facing fleet managers and the benefits of proper fleet management and logistics.

New Challenges Facing Fleet Managers

Staff Shortages

Warehouse managers haven’t been immune to the recent labor shortage crisis. A reduced workforce limits productivity and impacts the bottom line.

Increased Fuel Prices

Fuel consumption has always been a concern, but recent price surges have highlighted the importance of proper fuel management. Gas forklifts consume significant amounts of fuel, and rising costs have impacted profitability.

Cost of Ownership Increases

Supply chain issues and rising fuel prices have raised the overall cost of forklift fleet vehicles. This has placed greater importance on properly maintaining forklifts.

Benefits of Fleet Management and Logistics for Your Supply Chain

Staff shortages and increased prices have forced warehouse managers to work harder and smarter. A well-designed forklift fleet management program provides the following benefits for supply chain logistics:

Improved Efficiency

Warehouse workers have to do more work in real time to keep up with recent increases in demands. A properly implemented forklift fleet management system allows efficient communication throughout the workplace. Employees are more productive when working as a cohesive unit, and fleet management and logistics keep everyone working towards the same goal.

Increased Asset Life

The rising costs for new and used forklift trucks have raised the importance of maintaining the equipment you already have. Developing a maintenance schedule as part of your forklift fleet management program extends the service life of equipment by letting you know when it’s time for forklift vehicle maintenance. Keeping your lift trucks in peak condition keeps your warehouse productive and provides long-term cost savings.

Improved Safety

Few events cause greater delays in warehouse operations than employee injuries. A well-designed management program properly trains your staff and prevents accidents by encouraging safe driver behavior.

Implementing Your Forklift Fleet Management System

Implementing a management system with forklift tracking software requires a careful analysis of your entire warehouse. Here are some steps to consider for your forklift fleet management and logistics system:

Determine Your Baseline

Thoroughly survey your warehouse and pinpoint the areas that need improvement. Effective forklift fleet management isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Knowing what’s most important to you and your staff factors into what areas you focus on. Take time and determine the most important goals for your organization, then use that information to choose the technology your organization needs.

Trim Information

Capture data about your fleet using forklift tracking software. The information gathered helps you determine the service level guidelines your business needs and narrows down your maintenance provider options.

Discover Opportunities

This is where you can use your fleet management information to find cost-saving opportunities. It’s also important to review critical safety and training programs so your employees practice proper workplace habits.

Implement Solutions

Deploy your forklift fleet management program. Keep careful notes on how often forklifts are in operation; this plays a key role in following your new maintenance program and maximizes your equipment’s service life.

Monitor and Adjust

A well-run forklift fleet management program is always evolving. Communicate with your employees and decide what needs to be adjusted. With forklift fleet management, your warehouse can avoid the pitfalls that often impact businesses during supply chain shortages.

Improve Your Forklift Fleet Management With HTX Material Handling

The HTX team understands the impact that forklift fleet management and logistics have on the long-term efficiency of warehouses. That’s why we work hard to help managers address new challenges by offering comprehensive maintenance service plans. Our program is designed to limit downtime and maximize employee productivity. Our services include:

Forklift Repair

Well-kept equipment allows your employees to effectively complete their daily tasks. HTX offers forklift repair services that keep your equipment operational. We take pride in only employing trained and certified technicians who have expert knowledge on forklift equipment. Our staff undergoes regular training and testing to maintain that knowledge. Partnering with us means you never have to worry about costly forklift downtime.

Planned Maintenance

Regular maintenance boosts productivity, increases profits, and reduces the chance of injury. HTX offers an industry-leading planned maintenance program that keeps your fleet vehicles in peak condition. Our expert technicians work around your schedule before visiting your facility and inspecting your forklift equipment. We train our technicians to catch issues early, so they can take proactive measures that prevent costly repairs or product replacements. Our maintenance services provide the peace of mind you need.

HTX: Providing Industry-Leading Forklift Fleet Management for Houston and Dallas

HTX Material Handling has been helping companies across the Houston and Dallas areas with their material handling needs since 2019. Businesses partner with us because they know our solutions maximize efficiency. We stay committed to integrity and dependability by offering high-quality equipment from leading brands, including:

We understand that each business has unique needs, and our team provides a transparent process that focuses on your budget. Contact HTX today to learn more about how our services meet the new challenges facing fleet managers.





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