The internal transport of heavy cable drums or pipe drums requires special handling. Despite very narrow aisles, the drums must be ready for further processing at their point of use in the shortest possible time. Frequently, transports must also be handled on the outside site. For heavy loads ranging from 10 to 60 tons, HUBTEX has developed several solutions for transporting a wide variety of drum types with various dimensions. In all variants, point loads are optimally borne and distributed. Depending on the customer’s requirements, the special-purpose vehicle manufacturer produces the appropriate solution for the individual warehouse solution in accordance with the modular principle.


The special-purpose vehicle manufacturer HUBTEX offers its skip and container transporters in three variants.

  • Swivel arm / carrying rails
  • lifting cables
  • Fork handling
When the load is picked up with the swivel arm / carrying rails, the skip is bypassed, the swivel arms extend, are fixed in place and then lift the skip. The driver does not have to leave the vehicle during this process.
With the load lifting variant using lifting cables, the truck bypasses the skip, the lifting sling is hitched manually on both sides and the load is then lifted.

The special-purpose vehicles from HUBTEX convince above all by their versatility: For all lifting variants, the company offers optional adjustment options for different widths. Due to the choice of different tire variants, all drum transporters are suitable for combined indoor and outdoor use.
In addition, the integrated articulated chassis ensures optimum compensation for uneven ground, even wheel wear and perfect weight distribution.
With our drum transporters, our customers can choice operation via remote control or from a driver’s cab. The remote control may be either a radio remote control or a cable remote control. The radio remote control is equipped with joysticks for precision control. Alternatively, a cable remote control is also available. This can be connected to the vehicle via several sockets. Another operating variant is the conventional driver’s cab. This is especially suitable for journeys over long distances. If drivers are required to get on and off the vehicle frequently, a variant with a stand-up cab is recommended.
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