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Warehouses store a range of products, pallets, and more. Industrial business owners and experienced contractors all across Houston, Dallas, and the surrounding Texas cities choose HTX Material Handling for their large moving projects. If anyone wondered ‘what is a lift truck?’, the answer is one of the most crucial and widely used pieces of equipment in warehouses. Lift trucks, also referred to as forklifts, are industrial vehicles specially built to lift and move materials over short distances safely.

We deliver on quality, longevity, and durability with our extensive selection of lift trucks. Faulty or old forklifts jeopardize productivity and go against industry standards, disregarding safety. With our top-of-the-line brands, we remain your advocate for safety and premium products. Our brand’s unmatched and we’re backed by a $10 billion corporation, KION Group, established in 1879.

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Logistics is forever changed thanks to brands like Linde. Scoring high in productivity, safety, and ergonomics, Linde’s handling capacity is unmatched as it makes its operators’ day-to-day processes much more manageable. As they enhance the cadence of material flow, Linde lift trucks remain cost effective, thanks to extended maintenance intervals and innovative automation. Plus, they are user-friendly and technologically intelligent, incorporating functionalities and presets tailored to each user’s specific needs. Linde machines are well worth the investment because these lift trucks are designed to boost warehouse performance and transport supplies from point A to point B in half the amount of time of their competitors.


A heavy-duty job calls for Hubtex. No stranger to warehouse and distribution solutions, this brand specializes in custom-built, industrial lift trucks. Maximum flexibility and multifunctionality make Hubtex a force to be reckoned with. Also, Hubtex is constantly evolving—this brand has forklifts that offer a patterned steering system combined with a 4-wheel multidirectional chassis system, which takes maneuverability to a new level. Transporting long, bulky loads has never been easier with Hubtex’s variety of lift trucks. In addition to its robust build and advanced engineered systems, users also benefit from significant time saving and optimized precision with the latest models.


Baoli is an international material handling company and a KION Group brand, boasting outstanding solutions in Germany, China, and other countries as well as in the United States. Exceeding in operational excellence, Baoli can carry upwards of 10 tons of materials across your warehouse floors and beyond with ease. Within heavy industrial conditions, Baoli is also an eco-friendly option, keeping the environment free from pollutants and emissions. In addition to hassle-free bulk material handling, Baoli machines also offer structure painting, an exclusive KION safety feature, which provides easy visibility and quick touch-ups.

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We provide a wide range of material handling equipment that suits every need of your industrial facility.

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At HTX Material Handling, we pride ourselves on providing only the best equipment, whether it’s brand new or certified, lightly used products, for businesses in Dallas and Houston, Texas. Your operation is too important not to benefit from the most innovative solutions and advanced industrial technology. Our professionals offer extensive experience and our customers have exclusive access to a lineup of spectacular equipment created by manufacturers driven by superior customer service, reliable rentals, optimal material moving solutions, and maintenance.

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Our products are second to none in terms of safety, productivity, comfort, and total cost of ownership. That’s why industrial plant supervisors, warehouse managers, and key decision makers (KDMs) are continuously blown away at the difference our equipment makes. Once they make the switch to HTX products, they never go back. Give us a call or fill out our online form to speak to a dedicated and trained dealer today.

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