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The Perfect Floor-Sweeping Machine

HTX Material Handling has partnered with Factory Cleaning Equipment by Jon-Don to unveil our line of industrial floor sweepers that deliver unparalleled efficiency and performance. Our products are designed to make your job easier, faster, and more efficient, and with reliable floor-sweeping machines, you can control dust, particles, and debris that can be hard on your floors and damage your equipment.

Our commitment to quality and innovation has made us one of the most trusted names in the industry.

Tennant Floor Sweepers

Our Tennant commercial floor sweepers are excellent at keeping facilities of all sizes properly cleaned. Both our rider and battery-powered walk-behind floor models can withstand the harshest of dust and debris in the most delicate environments. With a multi-stage filtration system, 1-Step™ maintenance system, and excellent sweeping performance, this cleaning system is built to last.

HTX offers the following Tennant sweeper models:

S30 Ride-On Floor Sweeper

This large industrial-grade machine puts the meaning in “heavy duty” with its self-propelled cleaning system that picks up all first and debris. The Tennant S30 can be used both indoors and outdoors, from your warehouse floor to an area or parking lot.

S20 Ride-On Sweeper

Choose from a gas, LPG, diesel, or electric-powered mid-sized sweeper that can be used in any setting and picks up the finest of grit and debris.

S16 Compact Ride-On Sweeper

Enjoy the perks of a quiet, fume-free cleaning job with the compact Tennant S16 Ride-On Sweeper. It’s easy to operate, helps reduce cleaning costs, and is incredibly efficient.

800 Industrial Ride-On Floor Sweeper

Get the perks of a consistent cleaning performance for the most demanding jobs with the Tennant 800 Ride-On Sweeper—the largest and most powerful machine in its class.

6200 Ride-On Sweeper

The industrial-grade Tennant 6200 is a power rider sweeper that can clean 52,000 square feet an hour and is a prime choice for carpet sweeping in large areas.

6100 Ride-On Sweeper

Take your cleaning anywhere with the extra-compact Tennant 6100 that can sweep the smallest of debris from any hard surface floor.

S10 Walk-Behind Floor Sweeper

Get the power of the best-selling Tennant model 186, but revamped to make your cleaning job even more efficient. This long-lasting powerhouse has the best productivity rating in its class and a dust filtration rate of 99% efficiency.

3640 Floor Sweeper

With three forward speeds, the 3640 model is the most versatile walk-behind sweeper and uses fewer parts than its counterparts.

PowerBoss Sweepers

Our PowerBoss-branded floor sweepers are set apart from the rest with tons of features that make them a winning choice, like the simple swing engine system for easy maintenance repairs, main broom systems, OSHA regulatory compliance, and more.

Armadillo 10X

The 74’’10X industrial ride-on sweeper is the largest of its brand and provides maximum coverage with great dust control, efficient filter shakers, and dual speed sweeping.

Armadillo 9X

This 64’’ high-quality cleaner features a standard ride-on design with a high quality sweeper that doesn’t break the bank.

Armadillo 6X

Choose a 53’’ liquid cooled rapid sweeper with extra ground clearance and dual panel dust control filters that’s affordable and efficient.


Tackle the roughest of terrain with the 64’’ Atlas Riding Sweeper that’s long-lasting and features a robust four-stage filtration system.

Apex 58

The 45’’ APEX 58 sweeper keeps the operator in mind with a comfortable design that minimizes fatigue and gives the clearest view of the work surface.


Maneuver the tightest of spaces with the 40’’ battery-powered rider sweeper that features a top-tier turning radius while maintaining dust control.

Factory Cat Floor Sweepers

Durability is a key selling-point for our Factory Cat Floor Sweepers, as they can withstand it all while keeping your floors clean through a dual-stage cleaning system. We offer both walk-behind and ride models, so our customers can always have something that fits their needs.

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34 Floor Sweeper

The beloved Factory Cat Model 34 walk-behind sweeper is simple, affordable, and mighty, with sweeping power up to 30,000 square feet per hour.

Baoli Forklifts: An Economic Solution, HTX Material Handling, Houston

TR Ride-On Floor Sweeper

Get the job done with the industrial-grade TR model that’s perfect for sweeping all kinds of dirt and grime from multiple areas of all sizes, including carpet.

The Benefits of an Industrial Floor Sweeper

Having an floor sweeping machine brings lots of benefits, like:

  • Cleaning Versatility
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Excellent Ventilation
  • Cost-Savings
  • Low Maintenance

Whether You Need an Industrial Scrubber Machine or a Warehouse Sweeper, Call HTX

Regardless of the type of cleaning equipment you need to keep your facilities working at their best, be sure to choose HTX Material Handling. We offer nothing less than stellar service and award-winning products. Get the job done the way you want. Get started today and ensure you have the most dependable equipment.
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