Mac Rak Rack Repair Solutions

Unaddressed problems with warehouse pallet racks can lead to racking collapse and other critical issues, compromising the safety of your facility. HTX Material Handling offers Mac Rak pallet rack repair kits to complement your racking inspection schedule and provide pallet rack protection for your organization.

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Pairing Racking Inspection With Rack Repair

Rack repair and maintenance is easy to forget about. Facility managers are so busy with daily warehouse operations that dealing with damaged uprights and guard rails may fall lower on the to-do list. Pallet rack systems take a long time to break down, and as long as the structure hasn’t collapsed, it may seem good enough. However, rack failure is a problem that should never be ignored.

    Forklift impact, overloading, and sudden changes in how a rack is used are common causes of damage to racking columns that add up quickly and lead to severe racking system failure. That’s why HTX Material Handling offers Mac Rak warehouse rack repair equipment. Our high-quality rack repair tools fulfill American National Standards Institute (ANSI) requirements. We have pallet rack repair parts for all brands and can help you find the right solution if you aren’t sure where to begin.
    Benefits of our pallet rack protection tools include:


    • Increased forklift impact resistance
    • Universal compatibility
    • Robust anchor options
    • Improved weight bearing

    What Makes Mac Rak Repair Tools Special?

    As a Mac Rak partner, HTX Material Handling has access to the country’s largest American-made pallet rack repair inventory. Their equipment is custom-engineered and designed to meet your rack safety requirements. Mac Rak never outsources their products and creates everything in-house at their Missouri headquarters. They’re truly dedicated to the material handling industry, and we’re proud to offer their rack repair solutions.

    Our repair kit selection features new materials of the heaviest gauge available. We don’t offer equipment made from recycled post materials. Instead, we deliver fresh, high-grade kits every time.

    Engineered Pallet Rack Repair Parts

    HTX Material Handling offers solutions customized for your success. Our Mac Rak tools are continually tested to ensure you receive the safest rack repair parts possible. If you need stamped safety approval, we can provide that too. Independent engineers review our rack guards to make sure we meet all industry standards, such as ANSI MH 16.1-2012.
    We’ve designed our products and processes to deliver long-term pallet rack protection for your warehouse. Whether you have a roll-formed or structural racking system, our experts will find a way forward for you.
    Our pallet rack repair tools include:

      mak rack pallet repair

      Advantage Repair Non-Protruding Deflector (NPD)

      HTX offers reinforced rack column kits that repair and prevent outrigger impact. These items are recommended for narrow aisles. The repair kit is compatible with existing or new factory bracing and available with non-protruding deflectors, internal deflectors, or V-nose deflectors for increased column protection.
      For additional strength, increased impact resistance, and minimal twisting, we reinforce the front post with a backer channel and include a thick, oversized footplate with two large anchors.

      Elite Vertical Single-Leg Repair

      HTX’s single-leg pallet repair parts are for demanding warehouse environments. These parts come in a vertical leg repair kit and don’t alter the original rack design. This kit ensures safety by providing more than 50,000 pounds of impact resistance. Mac Rak’s cutting-edge proprietary beam reattachment hardware makes it easy to adjust roll form and structural beams with original end connectors.

      Elite Cantilever Single-Leg Repair

       Cantilever single-leg repair kits reduce rack system damage by relocating the front lower rack nine inches behind the initial location. This offset increases aisle distance and width to outrigger impact. Fully bolted repair kits withstand over 50,000 pounds of impact up to 12 feet.

      Choose HTX Material Handling for Your Mac Rak Solutions

      Looking for a Mac Rak dealer? HXT is ready to work with you to find the right custom-built kit for your unique needs.

      Improving Safety With Mac Rak Pallet Rack Guards

      Rack guards complement your scheduled racking inspections with tough structural steel protection that defends your racks from forklift damage. Independent anchor points transfer impact into the ground rather than your racking column.

      Some of our most effective rack guard options include:

      Max Guard V-Nose

      This pallet rack guard is a sophisticated solid steel build that delivers superior impact protection because it isn’t bolted to the rack column. The footplate is thick and can be set flush with the ground or below the guard. With a heavy-duty steel column guard, you can prevent forklift damage and establish a safer environment for your workers.

      Max Guard Force V-Nose

      This steel upright racking column guard uses two independent wedge anchor points to prevent forklift impact. It delivers 20,000 pounds of impact resistance up to 12 feet and shields against column twisting. If you need outrigger impact protection, this is the solution you’re looking for.

      End-of-Row Rack Guard

      This rack guard is best suited for narrow aisles. HTX’s end-of-row guards wrap around the front of the column and use thick, formed ends to isolate the front frame post from impact damage. Mac Rak’s row guards feature full-length inside and outside vertical welds that attach the formed end to the heavy-duty angle. If you need a custom application, we also offer notching to meet your requirements.

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