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About MasterMover®

Welcome to the future of material handling, where efficiency meets innovation. MasterMover®, a trusted name in the industry, has been at the forefront of providing cutting-edge material handling solutions.

With a rich history of delivering top-notch equipment, MasterMover® has earned its reputation as a reliable partner for businesses seeking excellence in their operations.

As a leading provider of electric tuggers, their commitment to quality and innovation has set them apart. MasterMover® understands the dynamic challenges businesses face in material handling, and their solutions are designed to streamline processes, enhance safety, and boost overall productivity.

Our MasterMover® Electric Tuggers

MasterMover®’s range of electric tuggers is engineered to move heavy loads effortlessly, transforming how materials are handled in diverse industries. Some of the key features they provide are:

Precision Control

MasterMover® electric tuggers have advanced control systems, allowing precise maneuvering in tight spaces. The intuitive controls ensure that operators can easily navigate challenging environments, reducing the risk of accidents and damage to goods.

Robust Construction

Built to withstand the busiest industrial environments, MasterMover® tuggers boast a robust construction. The durable design ensures longevity, providing a reliable solution for your material handling needs.

Multi-Use Application

Whether you’re moving pallets, carts, or heavy machinery, MasterMover® tuggers offer versatility in application. The adaptable design makes them suitable for various industries, from manufacturing and logistics to healthcare and aerospace.

Silent Operation

MasterMover® prioritizes a conducive working environment with their electric tuggers. The machines operate silently, minimizing noise pollution and creating a more comfortable atmosphere for both operators and bystanders.

Easy Maintenance

MasterMover® understands the importance of minimizing downtime. The electric tuggers are designed for easy maintenance, ensuring your operations remain uninterrupted and efficient.

Work Smarter With MasterMover®’s Electric Tug Equipment

By purchasing from HTX, you gain access to fully comprehensive maintenance and repair solutions. Connect with us today to start increasing productivity.

MasterMover®: Elevating Your Material Handling Experience

MasterMover®’s electric tuggers offer many advantages that translate into tangible benefits for your business. These benefits include:

Increased Efficiency

The precision and power of MasterMover® tuggers translate into increased efficiency in material handling. With quicker and more controlled movements, your operations become more streamlined, enhancing productivity.

Enhanced Safety

Safety is critical in any workplace. MasterMover® tuggers prioritize operator safety through features such as precise control, ergonomic design, and obstacle detection systems. This focus on safety minimizes the risk of accidents and ensures a secure working environment.


Cost Savings

Investing in MasterMover®’s electric tuggers is an investment in cost savings. The machines’ durability and low maintenance requirements reduce overall operational costs, providing long-term financial benefits for your business.

Adaptability to Varied Environments

MasterMover® tuggers are designed to excel in diverse environments. Whether navigating through a busy warehouse or transporting goods in a manufacturing facility, these tuggers adapt seamlessly to different settings, making them a versatile solution for your material handling needs.

Secure the Most Efficient MasterMover® Equipment With HTX Material Handling

At HTX Material Handling, we prioritize the safety and well-being of your employees. That’s why we only represent products that achieve the highest safety ratings. With our electric tugs, you can improve operational processes and minimize accidents in your warehouse.

Get Needed Repairs

Our total maintenance and repair contracts help streamline your operations and budget. We strive to maintain long-lasting partnerships with our customers by providing friendly customer service and meeting your needs on time.

Our Preventative Maintenance

Planned maintenance prevents costly repairs by identifying issues early on and proactively taking measures to keep your equipment functioning correctly. With HTX’s expertise, you can extend the lifespan of your machinery and avoid unnecessary inconveniences.

HTX Is a Leading Provider of MasterMover® Equipment

Say goodbye to manual handling and hello to efficiency. HTX provides premier electric tuggers in Houston and Dallas, focusing on high-quality equipment and exceptional service. We strive to elevate industry standards through our commitment to customers, guided by their success. Whether you need to move up to 13,200 pounds or a whopping 792,000 pounds, we have the perfect electric tug for you.

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