Warehouse Automation

The Functionality of Automated Storage Systems in Warehouses

Automation decides who or what performs each task within an industrial environment. This technology allows warehouse employees to zero in on value-added duties rather than manually operating forklifts or pallet jacks repeatedly throughout the day. Instead, count, quality, and outbound load stability become workers’ main focus. Through the technology of robotics, automated systems can unload products from trailers and manufacturing or processing lines. Automated systems may also be specially programmed to store and retrieve products on demand. The key is that these innovative systems perform each task without direct labor.

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Automation Results in Fewer Errors

Although Dematic’s inventive warehouse automation presents us with a host of advantages, our customers benefit from the HTX and Dematic partnership as well. For starters, automation provides our customers with the utmost order accuracy. Since this warehouse solution aids in speed as well, customers are pleased with correct orders received in a timely manner.

More Predictable Lead Times

At HTX Material Handling, we understand the importance of receiving your equipment when you need it. Your business depends on the accuracy of products, but also the timely availability. Forecasting fulfillment processes is done with confidence thanks to the speed and dependability of Dematic’s automated warehouse systems. Reliable lead times give customers a more accurate understanding of when they’ll receive their products, which allows them to plan accordingly.

Amplify Your Warehouse Operations

We have a team of dedicated material handling experts and equipment technicians. Whether your machinery needs maintenance or you’re in the market for something new, HTX is here to help.

A Boost to Order Picking Efficiency

Thanks to Dematic, our automated warehouse picking systems optimize your supply chain. Piece picking is a fulfillment solution that improves quality of inventory and shipping accuracy. What’s more, it also alleviates the pressures of peak periods as it reduces picking labor and associated labor costs. Essentially, automated storage systems in warehouses speed up production without sacrificing quality. Dematic continues to solve the most common intralogistics challenge: accomplish more with fewer people. We are proud to offer their dependable facility solutions at HTX Material Handling.

Explaining Warehouse Automation

Facility optimization is made possible with automation services provided by our business partner, Dematic. We realize proactive order fulfilment strategies require a modern approach. Dematic’s automation keeps products on-the-shelf in an optimized manner. Talk with us when you need equipment, repairs, or expert advice. No matter what you need, we’ll be glad to serve you.

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Optimize Your Warehouse Operations

If you are a KDM or a manager at an industrial facility, HTX Material Handling is your partner in better business productivity.
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