Case Studies

When your productivity is declining and your expenses have gone through the roof, we help get you back on track. Learn why our customers continue to count on our trained professionals and high-quality products.

A customer switched from our competitor to Linde and never looked back.

Client: Retail Lumber Yard & Building Materials

One of our customers was a long-time user of a competitive brand which had recently introduced an armrest option with fingertip hydraulics. In a goodwill effort to mitigate repetitive motion injuries, the customer made the switch to the new optional armrest-mounted hydraulic controls. However, instead of the switch providing operator comfort like they’d hoped, the equipment’s inferior functionality and lack of precision created an even bigger problem. The imprecise mechanical joystick levers caused the equipment to drop loads unexpectedly, and damage their customers’ vehicles when loading lumber and other materials.

Our Task

We helped the customer make the switch to Linde lift trucks. These offer microprocessor-controlled hydraulic joysticks and an engineered design that allows for highly accurate and precise positioning, infinitely variable adjustments, and a “pilot” style of hydraulic control.

Skills Involved
  • Quickly identifying the issues caused by the competitor’s brand
  • Selecting which product from our would best suit this customer’s needs
Project Results

With the Linde equipment, there was no more damage to vehicles. Additionally, their forklift operators’ productivity increased by almost a third.

Warehousing and manufacturing customer saves thousands annually with our lift trucks

Client: Bottled Water Producer

Tire and brake wear expenses were causing problems for the nation’s premier producer of bottled water. A demanding application and long runs caused the customer to place 6,000 hours per year on their forklifts.

Our Task

We introduced our Linde Hydrostatic Drive forklifts with no brakes and three times better tire durability thanks to the hydraulic motors that don’t allow the drive tires to spin and cause premature wear.

Skills Involved
  • In-depth knowledge of proper forklift application to select the best option for the customer
Project Results

The customer saves several thousand dollars per year in repair expenses, and with 1,000-hour service intervals, they didn’t have nearly as many trucks down for maintenance at any given time.

Linde Lift Trucks Are a Force Within the Material Handling Industry

Cutting corners in manufacturing or warehousing should never be an option. However, you can still work smarter without necessarily working harder. Try our durable and trusted trucks.

We resolved our customer’s issue of consistent machine burnout

Client: Open Die Forging Company - Aerospace

Our customer had a dedicated team that stayed on top of maintenance duties. However, they were needing to replace transmissions, differentials, and U-joints on a weekly basis. Once the customer realized this abnormality, they immediately enlisted our expert team for help.

Our Task

We provided the customer with a fleet of our high-performance Linde Hydrostatic machines. Linde machines were ideal for the customer because they eliminated the transmissions, differentials, and U-joints that were causing the bulk of their previous equipment failures. The time and expense related to those repairs became a thing of the past.

Skills Involved
  • Extensive knowledge in the material handling industry
  • Trained forklift operators and maintenance personnel documenting the level of efficiency between our Linde equipment and their previous equipment
Project Results

With the Linde equipment we provided, the customer’s operation became more efficient. With increased uptime and machine availability, it also resulted in their team using 25% fewer forklifts than they did previously. If you’re looking for innovative machinery within the foundry,forging, and heat treating industries, Linde is the only OEM globally that engineers purpose-built forklifts for what you do.

HTX Material Handling put an end to frequent equipment failure

Client: Scrap Metal Recycler

Our customer’s traditional torque converter-style forklifts were causing premature transmission failure. Working in the scrap metal recycling industry also meant debris would often enter the chassis and engine compartment from below.

Our Task

We removed the transmission and differential when the previous machinery was replaced with our dependable Linde products. The chassis was then completely sealed with a seam-welded belly pan, without concern for overheating.

Skills Involved
  • Capability of identifying the root cause of an issue with equipment
Project Results

The customer’s Linde Hydrostatic drive lift truck stopped debris from entering the compartments and damaging components. Our Linde Hydrostatic drive lift trucks also eliminated productivity-shattering issues for our customer.

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