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Our brands incorporate only the best of engineering and design, from pallet jacks to aerial lifts. Bulk material handling and industrial throughput are managed with accuracy and efficiency thanks to our equipment solutions. No compromising on quality here.

Purchase Price vs. TCO: How to Make an "Intelligent" Acquisition, HTX Material Handling, Houston

Durable Machinery for Any Project or Operation

Backed by our manufacturing partner, The KION Group, our products and services have been grounded in integrity, innovation, and longevity. We are proud to offer an advanced lineup of machinery technologically constructed to handle the toughest demands with ease. No material handling project is too difficult and no industry is out of our scope. Whether you’re working in a warehouse, a lumber yard, or on a manufacturing production line, our equipment is purpose-built to thrive in harsh environments.

We Prioritize Product Safety

HTX Material Handling offers the best equipment that not only wins global praise for its durability and dependability, but which also exceeds safety standards. Precision, ease of maneuverability, and technologically advanced features allow your employees to feel secure and accomplish their tasks more easily with improved accuracy and comfort.

A New Lease on Quality - The Future Has Arrived, HTX Material Handling, Houston


The Linde brand is synonymous with productivity, safety, and ergonomics. Product and material movement is expedited and workers’ performance is perfected with the smooth maneuverability and precision of Linde Hydrostatic Drive Lift Trucks.

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By combining the competitive advantages of KION’s operational excellence and German engineering with Baoli’s integrated manufacturing platform, we are able to offer reliable and practical products in the Baoli brand lineup. Designed to meet the value segment of the US market, these budget forklifts are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility with TQM as a guiding principle.

JLG boom lift


As the global leader in aerial equipment manufacturing, the JLG product range offers scissor lifts, boom lifts, telehandlers,stock pickers and other personnel lifts to conveniently access the most challenging or hard-to-reach places.

A New Lease on Quality - The Future Has Arrived, HTX Material Handling, Houston


MasterMover manufactures quality Electric Tugs and Tow vehicles that safely and efficiently move a variety of wheeled loads from 100 Lbs. up to 790,000 Lbs. Their world leading range of compact, battery-powered, motorized tugs will improve your operational efficiency, reduce manual handling and streamline your processes.

A New Lease on Quality - The Future Has Arrived, HTX Material Handling, Houston


As a manufacturer of sideloaders and custom-built industrial trucks for the transport of long, heavy and bulky goods, Hubtex sets the standard in flexibility and multi-functionality. Hubtex meets the challenges of our customers in various industries and develops individual vehicle solutions for specific tasks, usually in the narrowest of aisles.

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