Terminal Tractors

What Is a Terminal Tractor Used For?

A terminal tractor goes by many names. Whether you call it a trailer spotter or a yard goat, HTX Material Handling provides customers with industry-leading brands. Terminal tractors are made to move semi-trailers within cargo yards, ports, intermodal distribution facilities, or any large yard. The main functionality of a terminal tractor is to maintain a smooth trailer unloading process within the yard or terminal. While they’re often referred to as “yard goats,” they’re actually more like workhorses—these uniquely specialized pieces of equipment have several heavy-duty features.

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Advanced Equipment Leads to Advanced Performance

Terminal tractors have exceptional movability with their short wheelbase and tight turning radius. They also deliver on durability. Terminal tractors have the strength to meet intense demands, such as hooking up to and hauling extremely heavy trailers. Regardless of what model you’re looking for, we have several configurations to fit your needs.

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Your Operations Can Be Safe and Progressive

At HTX Material Handling, we’ve always put safety and efficiency above all else. Terminal tractors can instantly lower your worker’s compensation insurance exposure since this equipment is designed for fast and safe movement of semi-trailers or cargo containers. Our terminal tractors allow operators to spot a trailer from their cab platform area, which lowers their risk for injury.

Safe Hauling

Our terminal tractors provide a sense of security and full control for workers.

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Our Equipment Will Exceed Your Expectations

We understand how your needs vary depending on what type of task is at hand. HTX Material Handling prepares you for anything that falls within your scope of work. From lumber yards to manufacturing facilities, our equipment brings convenience and security to your workplace and operations. Experience the difference for yourself and you’ll see why our customers prefer Linde terminal tractors over any other.

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