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HTX Material Handling provides construction, factory, and other industrial establishments and organizations with forklifts, tuggers, aerial lifts, and more. Whatever your project needs, we have it for you, regardless of your industry.

We Serve a Range of Industries

Backed by a $10 billion corporation, KION Group, we pride ourselves on providing stellar services and excellent equipment for a list of industries. If your facility lifts, loads, and moves large amounts of materials or palletized fulfillment, both indoors and out, there’s no job too challenging for us. KION has continuously engineered the most innovative products and is dynamic enough to be a key player in any facility’s operations.

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Your warehouse, construction site, factory, or lumber yard operation must run in a streamlined manner at all times. HTX Material Handling’s machinery makes processes more accurate and efficient to maintain the consistent flow of productivity in all industries.

Warehousing, Distribution, and Logistics

Warehouses are made for handling and storing a range of goods and products. Distribution, on the other hand, is the process of making goods available for consumption for businesses and other customers. Logistics is the process of transportation management. Our lift trucks, tuggers, and other machinery are made to move materials all across your warehouse.

Lumber and Building Materials

With the growing demand in the housing and construction industries over the past five years, we are proud to be uniquely positioned to service the lumber and building materials industry. This industry consists of stores and lumber yards that sell building materials such as brick, stones, and hardwood. When dealers need reliable equipment to transport goods and machinery that helps them complete construction projects, they trust in HTX Material Handling’s equipment.

Heavy Manufacturing

The heavy manufacturing industry depends on the specialized machinery we provide to lessen the load of challenging logistical or factory needs. This industry involves tasks like moving heavy products and completing numerous complex processes all at one time. For that reason, factories all over Houston and Dallas reach out to us to supply the innovative and technologically advanced equipment they need to perform these tasks with safety and precision.

Scrap Metal and Paper Recycling

Scrap usually consists of leftover recyclable materials from product manufacturing and consumption. Anything from vehicles to building supplies holds monetary value, so HTX Material Handling’s lineup of equipment is a key player within this industry to transport heavy or cumbersome products.

Steel, Concrete, and Brick and Block

The steel, concrete, and brick-and-block industry consists of building heavy or extremely tall structures. This rapidly growing manufacturing industry is expected to reach 2.3 trillion units by 2027. With the speed of its growth, HTX Material Handling is glad to play an integral role in supplying the proper products for workers to move, build, and handle the materials securely and in a timely manner. We proudly contribute to the execution of every plan and build upon a more innovative approach to construction.

Efficient Production Day After Day

With our trusted material handling products, there’s never a need to compromise on effectiveness and steady regulation.

You Name It, Our Equipment Can Handle It

There are several occupations that require the skilled and precise transportation of valuable goods, and HTX is happy to serve them all. Whether tasks require workers to be lifted up several feet in the air or they need to travel from point A to B on the ground with motorized mobility, our wide variety of equipment meets many heavy-duty demands. For jobs big and small, our products are next level in regard to durability, longevity, and, most importantly, safety.

We Work to Enhance Your Business’s Operations

We offer industry-leading industrial and construction equipment, warehouse solutions, and material handling services to companies and KDMs all around Houston and Dallas. We understand what it takes to stand out within a “red ocean” market that’s overflowing with competitors offering similar services. The equipment we provide is trusted by millions and backed by KION Group, a global material handling company established in 1879. Whether you need equipment for long-term or short-term use, learn why HTX Material Handling is raising the bar with its dependable products and remarkable customer service.

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