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Loading docks serve as the arrival and departure points for warehouse shipments. Maintaining an efficient loading dock system increases safety at your warehouse and maximizes productivity. As a leading warehouse solutions provider, HTX is proud to be the exclusive provider of McGuire dock solutions for Houston and Dallas. Read more about the selection of industry-leading products now available to our clients.

McGuire Dock Levelers

McGuire manufactures loading dock levelers that are strong, reliable, and provide an efficient loading process. These dock levelers offer automatic or mechanical activation and are available in three varieties:

Hydraulic Dock Levelers

Hydraulic dock levels are push-button activated and offer the highest capacity. They’re equipped with a fully powered raise and lip extension that efficiently move items and are considered the safest loading dock choice.

Air-Powered Dock Levelers

McGuire’s air-powered dock levelers are an economical alternative to hydraulic levelers and offer a mid-range capacity.

McGuire Mechanical Dock Levelers

Mechanical dock levelers provide strength and durability for basic applications. Built with a structural steel frame, these levelers are an economical solution for small warehouse projects.

McGuire Specialty Dock Levelers

Mcguire offers specialty dock levelers that meet the needs of any warehouse. These loading docks are ideal for cold storage facilities and portable steelyards.

VSH Vertical Storing Leveler

The VSH leveler provides a smooth and consistent operation while offering unmatched environmental control for temperature-sensitive tasks. These levelers have built-in safety benefits and are available in various sizes.

RRH Hydraulic Rail Ramp

McGuire’s RRH series excels in demanding environments and is easily controlled using a push button. This series meets the rail dock needs of any warehouse manager while providing industry-leading safety.

Edge of Dock Levelers

Sometimes the truck’s bed and your loading dock’s edge don’t match, creating a gap that reduces safety and impacts efficiency. McGuire offers edge of deck levelers that bridge that gap and maintain your warehouse’s productivity. HTX offers two series of edge of deck levelers from McGuire:


The MEDLF series is a low-cost alternative designed for a captive fleet of trucks with similar bed height. This series efficiently operates with a lift-free handle and automatically returns to store position after the truck leaves.


The HED series provides a dependable operation with a two-cylinder design and lip cylinders. These dock levelers excel when the gap between the building and truck has a minimum variance.

McGuire Dock Seals

Keeping bad weather outside helps improve warehouse productivity and keeps your employees safe. Dock seals provide a tight seal around a loading dock entrance and allow deliveries in all weather conditions. HTX now offers the following McGuire dock seals:

TS101 Fixed Head

The TS101 is a foam dock seal that provides the tightest possible seal for high-volume traffic. It’s made of durable fabric and is the most cost-effective solution for sealing a dock door.

TS103 Curtain Head

The TS103 is ideal for warehouses dealing with differing trailer heights. It features two high-quality side pads that combine with a full-width curtain to seal a loading dock.

TS500 CWT Adjustable Head

McGuire’s TS500 series features foam side pads and an adjustable curtain head to provide a tight seal in any warehouse.

McGuire Dock Shelters

HTX is proud to offer McGuire’s extensive line of dock shelters that protect your warehouse from vehicle damage.

TC300 Flexible Steel Frame

McGuire’s TC300 series is built with a flexible steel frame dock that yields to misguided vehicles and prevents damage to your warehouse. The shelter’s top is raked to promote drainage and covered with a translucent fabric that allows natural light to enter.

TC900 Soft Sided

The TC900 provides unimpeded access to a trailer’s interior while protecting your warehouse from off-centered vehicles.

TC1000 Weather Sentry

McGuire’s TC1000 series is an affordable answer to water infiltration issues. It provides a tight seal around the entire trailer roof to block out water and provides full access for employees.

TC400 Rigid Wood Frame

For warehouses that need to accommodate trailers of various heights, the TC400 series is the most efficient solution. The flexible side and head panels provide unimpeded access to a trailer’s interior, and its durable rigid frame protects your facility.

Improve Efficiency With McGuire’s Dock Light Technology

McGuire’s line of loading dock levelers can now feature iDock® Controls. This advanced system provides an efficient interface and interactive message display for notification and instructions. McGuire’s integrated system monitors your equipment and sends performance data to a web-based analytics program, giving you detailed information on product efficiency.

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