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Our pedestrian electric tugs by MasterMover® are safe and efficient and require less time and less energy while optimizing transportation processes. Explore the numerous variations available in this game-changing piece of equipment.

MasterMover® Models

HTX Material Handling’s electric tugs are pedestrian-operated machines built to move heavy loads with ease. With customizable features and a wide range of capacities, our MasterMover® electric tug is the perfect tool for eliminating the strain and fatigue of manual handling. Transporting hefty items requires focus and expertise to prevent accidents. Our electric tow tractors’ power levels include:

  • Compact Electric Tugs – Up to 13,200 lbs.
  • Performance Electric Tugs – Up to 66,000 lbs.
  • Performance Plus Electric Tugs – Up to 792,000 lbs.
Purchase Price vs. TCO: How to Make an "Intelligent" Acquisition, HTX Material Handling, Houston

Heavy Duty, User-Friendly Equipment—No Compromise

Your warehouse technicians and equipment operators deserve the best products for their everyday hard work.

Transporting Heavy Loads?

We provide simpler, more efficient solutions to your day-to-day operational processes.

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Thousands of warehouse workers are injured on the job each year, so we proudly do all we can to minimize those accidents, including providing safe equipment for workers. The MasterMover electric tug comes with many safety-minded standard features, including automatic cut-off when the tiller arm is raised, an emergency stop button, and a warning horn for ensuring safe traffic lanes. At HTX Material Handling, we know how much you care about your employees. That’s why we only represent products which achieve the highest possible safety ratings..

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