Warehouse Storage Solutions

Storage Plays a Key Role in Availability

Dematic offers automated system solutions for warehouses, distribution centers, and other industrial facilities. With their extensive portfolio of storage solutions, lead times remain minimal and product availability is rarely jeopardized.

What Factors Affect a Forklift's Lifting Capacity? HTX Material Handling, Houston

Pallet Storage

Maximizing storage space is paramount for manufacturing and distribution operations. In order to keep from being challenged by limited space, Dematic and HTX offer solutions to optimize underused vertical space and store a larger number of palletized items. Our automated pallet storage is also energy efficient because it leads to consistent operations and minimizes order inaccuracies.

Prioritize Faster, Smoother Operations

Your facility needs to stay ahead of schedule and keep up with industry 4.0 and its ever-changing technology. Learn more about our technologically superior machinery and services to optimize your workflow.

Creative and Innovative Problem Solvers

With high-functioning processes in addition to sophisticated storage solutions, HTX remains second to no one in the material handling industry. Our main objectives are to provide premium service, support, and equipment for every client.

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Facility Innovations To Fit a Variety of Needs

Dematic offers warehouse storage solutions for small items and big. Inventory management outsourced to our business partner helps us improve space utilization and facility optimization so we can provide exactly what you need, when you need it, with 100% order accuracy!.

Dematic’s storage solutions paired with our award-winning equipment give your company the advantage of improved accuracy, workers’ security, and incredible flexibility for peak periods and seasonal fluctuations. Partnering with HTX Material Handling essentially means gaining access to and support from an incredible team of problem solvers ready to improve the measures by which you measure success.

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