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What Factors Affect a Forklift's Lifting Capacity? HTX Material Handling, Houston

Cost-Effective and Inventive Solutions

Known for their automated solutions for manufacturing, warehouse, and industrial environments, Dematic delivers the most dynamic services and the best value to each market. Since technology is ever changing, HTX Material Handling realizes automation is key to eliminating customer issues and enhancing their operations.


With a plethora of storage solutions, HTX Material Handling is confident in Dematic’s accommodations. Keeping organization and control as our top priorities within our facility, we rest assured knowing our inventory on pallets and cartons is in the best hands. What’s more, Dematic’s scalable and modular storage solutions give HTX the capacity to grow without hindering our ability to continually meet our valued customers’ needs. Plus, their warehouse management and routine reporting keeps our operations running smoothly.


Dematic’s selection of transportation solutions can move many kinds of materials, including our warehouse products. Whether they’re individual items, palletized, or packed in cases, their robust systems help us conveniently transport products to our locations and to your facility in pristine condition. Dematic’s operations are time efficient as well, so we’re able to remain accountable to you and your desired timeframe.


Inbound handling creates optimized supply chain management. Thankfully, Dematic’s iQ software guides processes and minimizes the labor that is usually associated with processing the products. Dematic’s solutions also include the verification of inventory accuracy and provide real-time product visibility. This helps HTX confirm that the orders are correct in quantity and high in quality.


Warehouse automation eliminates the unnecessary use of physical labor performed by workers. Instead, specialized equipment and storage retrieval systems perform these simpler, repetitive tasks. This allows workers to perform other more important tasks and focus on jobs that require closer attention and critical thinking.

Keep Your Operations at Optimal Levels

Your warehouse or construction site needs equipment that is in pristine condition to avoid mistakes and dangerous incidents.

Fast Order Fulfilment Compliments of Capacity

We invest in the best outsourced fulfillment solutions to meet our customers’ needs and conveniently provide the products they’ve purchased. In addition to our partnership with Dematic, we also work with Capacity for order fulfilment, shipping, and transportation. Capacity offers smooth and sustainable engineering and streamlines our processes. In turn, their services add value to our customers’ overall experience, from ordering equipment to receiving a product they’re pleased with in a timely fashion.

We Only Work With the Best To Ensure Your Satisfaction

Our vendors, business partners, and supply specialists are what help us offer our customers superior products, services, and equipment. It is essential to us that we only collaborate with like-minded, legitimate organizations to continuously deliver top-of-the-line customer experiences.

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Planned maintenance ensures that your equipment is functioning properly and keeps your business operations running smoothly.
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