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Loading Dock Solutions from McGuire

A warehouse dock is one of the most important areas of a warehouse; it maintains efficiency and allows for an uninterrupted flow of products. HTX is proud to be the exclusive McGuire warehouse dock equipment provider in the Houston and Dallas areas. McGuire’s innovative loading dock solutions are user-friendly and simplify warehouse processes.
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Types of Loading Docks Offered by HTX

As a leading supplier of warehouse dock solutions, McGuire offers multiple types of loading docks for any application. Some of their high-quality products include:

Loading Dock Levelers

McGuire has been a leading manufacturer of loading dock levelers for decades. Their levels are among the strongest and most reliable on the market and allow for a smooth and efficient loading process. The loading dock levelers offered by McGuire are available in various sizes and meet the requirements of all loading docks.

Specialty Dock Levelers

From vertical storing levels that are ideal for cold storage warehouses to portable steel yard ramps, McGuire manufactures specialty dock levelers for every application. These levels provide unmatched environmental control for temperature-sensitive products.

Edge of Dock Levelers

The edge of dock levelers offered by McGuire mount directly to the dock face and help bridge the gap from the loading area’s edge to the truck. These levelers enhance employee safety and increase productivity by providing level access to your warehouse.

Vehicle Restraints

There are nearly 96,000 forklift-related injuries each year in North America, and trucks prematurely departing from the dock is a common cause. McGuire offers vehicle restraints that prevent these accidents by securing your trailer to the port.

Dock Seals

McGuire offers industry-leading dock seals that form a tight seal between your warehouse and delivery truck. These seals provide effective barriers against weather conditions and keep your loading docks productive and safe.

Dock Shelters

The flexible dock shelters sold by McGuire provide additional protection against rain and prevent costly warehouse damage from misguided vehicles.

Benefits of McGuire Warehouse Docks

McGuire is a leading provider of loading dock solutions because their equipment offers various benefits to warehouse managers, including:


McGuire’s line of warehouse docking equipment is designed to withstand any conditions. They provide the strength and durability to last for years, making them among the most reliable loading docks on the market.

Locally Made

Buying McGuire products means you’re purchasing high-quality equipment manufactured in the United States.

Built to Order

The warehouse dock equipment offered by McGuire is built to order and match the specifications provided by the client.

Tested for Quality

All products manufactured by McGuire are inspected and tested to verify that it meets standards. Every detail is checked to make sure that each customer receives the product they ordered.

Warehouse Docks That Enhance Safety and Increase Productivity

Keeping your employees safe is critical for optimizing your warehouse’s workflow. Contact HTX and learn how McGuire’s loading dock solutions help increase safety during loading and unloading.

Loading Dock Design Solutions

Designing an efficient loading dock system requires careful planning and consideration. McGuire and HTX help you through the planning stage by evaluating your warehouse, loading dock, and design requirements. We review the drive approach, apron space, regular flow of trucks, and types of trailers to determine the best warehouse dock equipment for your facility. HTX oversees everything else. As the exclusive provider of McGuire equipment for Houston and Dallas, we handle all installations for new and existing facilities. Our expert team is available for regular maintenance of your warehouse dock equipment to ensure it’s working properly, and we offer a repair program that minimizes downtime. No matter what you need, we’re here to help.
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Warehouse Docking Solutions That Enhance Productivity

The HTX team understands how important efficiency is for warehouse managers. By combining McGuire’s warehouse docks with our industry-leading material handling equipment, you ensure that your employees are equipped with the tools to maintain peak productivity. Our main objects are to provide premium service, support, and equipment for every client. Contact HTX today and see how our innovative facility solutions fit the needs of any warehouse.
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