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 At HTX Material Handling, we offer a wide range of forklift and warehouse services to keep your facility operations running smoothly.

What Factors Affect a Forklift's Lifting Capacity? HTX Material Handling, Houston

Forklift Rental Services

When you need a reliable forklift but aren’t ready to make a significant investment, our forklift rental services provide you with the equipment you need—without making a big purchase. We offer reliable rental equipment that supports industry safety standards at an affordable price, from aerial lifts to lift trucks. When you partner with us for an equipment rental, you get the right machinery you need for as long as you need it. Whether you’re looking to rent for a day, week, an entire month, or longer, HTX has several agreement options to fulfill your unique needs. We also offer rent-to-own options, making your dream of owning a forklift a reality.

Forklift Maintenance

Investing in planned forklift maintenance versus waiting for a corrective repair ensures the health and safety of your facility’s machinery and prevents downtime. With our total maintenance and repair program (TM&R), we guarantee up-time and extend the life of your equipment. When you utilize our comprehensive forklift maintenance program, one of our technicians comes to your facility and performs regularly scheduled maintenance. During the maintenance process, your trained expert catches issues early on, relays the problems to you, and proactively offers a solution to avoid costly repairs. We also offer PM service agreements so scheduled maintenance doesn’t slow down your operations.

Forklift Parts and Repairs

Our team knows that multiple issues can arise with even the best-maintained equipment. That’s why we provide high-quality forklift parts and repairs services to ensure your equipment is always running efficiently. An unplanned breakdown is never an issue with HTX. Our team of experienced technicians is trained to diagnose and solve complex machinery problems quickly and seamlessly. Equipped with a variety of forklift parts, we prioritize your repairs to ensure you get your equipment back in a timely manner. We know that wear and tear are inevitable, but our technicians aren’t satisfied until your equipment is up and running again.

Providing Various Industries With Forklift Parts and More

HTX Material Handling provides various industries with forklift parts and repairs, maintenance, and other material handling equipment services.

Warehouse Dock Design Services

Your loading dock should maintain efficiency and allow for an uninterrupted product flow. That’s why HTX offers warehouse dock design services that enhance productivity and maintain safety. Our design solutions include careful planning and a strategic evaluation of your warehouse. We review the design of your facility and loading dock, including the drive approach, apron space, regular flow of trucks, and types of trailers to determine the best warehouse dock equipment for your facility. We’re also an exclusive McGuire warehouse dock equipment provider, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the best warehouse docking solutions on the market.

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Warehouse Storage Solutions

HTX also offers warehouse storage solutions that maximize your facility space and minimize order inaccuracies. As an exclusive Dematic equipment provider, we offer automated system solutions for warehouses, distribution centers, and other industrial facilities. Our Dematic automated pallet storage systems are an ideal solution for manufacturing and distribution operations challenged by limited space and have a smooth, efficient process:

  1. Your pallets are delivered to an inbound pick and drop station using a forklift, conveyor, Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV), or pallet towline.
  2. The pallet system chooses the best storage location and Storage Retrieval Machine (SRM) and transports your pallets to designated storage locations.
  3. The SRM automatically retrieves the pallets and delivers them to outbound drop-off locations.

Dematic’s storage solutions, paired with our world-class customer service, ensure you get high-quality storage solutions from an incredible team of problem solvers.

Your Material Handling Services and Equipment Provider

As an experienced material handling equipment and service provider, HTX partners with our customers to help maximize their material handling processes. Since we’re a service provider, our top priority is your bottom line, not ours. When you rely on us, you get everything you need to operate a successful warehouse facility, from high-quality equipment to top-notch maintenance and repair services. Partner with us to streamline processes, regulate workflow, and improve your employees’ safety. Contact us today to learn more about our material handling services and equipment.

Prioritize Safety and Efficiency

Planned maintenance ensures that your equipment is functioning properly and keeps your business operations running smoothly.

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