Why You Need a Total Maintenance and Repair (TM&R) Agreement

Why You Need a Total Maintenance and Repair (TM&R) Agreement

The Value of Regular Maintenance for Material Handling Equipment

Warehouse equipment has components that are subject to wear and tear. Seals, gaskets, and motors need to be replaced after a certain number of hours, and are subject to failure if left unattended. But how do you keep track of the number of hours each machine has been used? Subscribing to planned maintenance through a TM&R agreement means your supplier will keep track of usage hours and provide on-site service when required. In this blog, we’ll discuss what a TM&R is and the benefits it provides.

What Is a TM&R Agreement?

A TM&R agreement is a written contract that provides regular services to equipment at a fixed cost. These services include routine maintenance and replacements at no additional charge if the provider can’t repair it. The scheduled maintenance services in a TM&R typically include:

  • Battery maintenance
  • Fluid analysis
  • Mobile tire press
  • Fleet maintenance
  • On-site service
  • Safety audit

Each machine in your warehouse is a significant part of your success. A poorly maintained machine provides a lower return on investment than a well-maintained machine.

Types of Material Handling Equipment Repair Programs

As a warehouse key decision maker (KDM), having your equipment in working order is a critical component of the overall efficiency of your workplace.

Reactive Maintenance Programs

Often referred to as a fail-and-fix approach, a reactive maintenance strategy is ineffective and costly. Waiting for your equipment to break down before reaching out to a trained technician leads to expensive repairs and lengthy downtime. Without regular maintenance, you risk significant damage to your equipment that may be beyond repair.

Preventive Maintenance Programs

Preventive maintenance programs involve replacing parts or overhauling equipment on a regular schedule. Traditional preventive maintenance programs can prevent many potentially expensive problems, but they don’t account for every issue.

Predictive Maintenance Programs

Predictive maintenance is a step up from preventive maintenance, because it forecasts equipment failure at specific intervals. Companies now use data-based programs that record previous failure events to predict future problems. Technology allows you to improve predictive capabilities by increasing the amount of data gathered.

Proactive Maintenance Programs

Proactive maintenance programs offer the most benefits to the consumer. Intelligent monitoring and integrated data are combined to provide up-to-date information on the condition of your equipment. Proactive maintenance lets you stay on top of the performance of your systems at all times.

In the market for a material handling company that provides high-quality equipment with repair services to keep your machines in working order? Contact HTX to see the advantages our experts provide.

Benefits of a TM&R Agreement

Long-term maintenance programs offer several advantages for the consumer, including:

Cost Benefits

TM&R contracts provide cost savings by reducing the need for unexpected repairs. Some warehouses don’t have the equity to invest in large repair projects; a TM&R agreement allows KDMs to budget for monthly installment payments without worrying about significant repair costs. Maintenance service agreements offer supplemental benefits as well. Regularly serviced equipment runs more efficiently, leading to energy savings and reduced labor costs.

Quality Control

Maintenance contracts are a form of quality assurance. A provider wants to build a long-term relationship with you, and they won’t achieve this by supplying faulty equipment that’s prone to breakdowns.

Lifespan Increase

Performing routine maintenance keeps equipment running smoothly and extends its lifespan.

Consumer Confidence

A maintenance contract gives you peace of mind that repairs will be handled effectively. Regular maintenance means one less thing for you to worry about.

Priority Service

TM&R contract subscribers are given priority service when they need emergency repairs.

Is a TM&R Agreement Right for You?

Consider the following when deciding whether a TM&R agreement is suitable for your business:

  • The number of hours that equipment is in use
  • The application of the equipment
  • Current maintenance practices

Evaluating these factors will give you a solid understanding of whether a TM&R agreement is right for you.

TM&R Services Offered by HTX

HTX understands that material handling is a job best performed with efficient machinery. Your employees rely on KDMs and managers to supply them with up-to-date equipment so they can complete their work. Ensuring your machines are in top condition keeps operations smooth and your employees happy.

Our TM&R contracts streamline your operations and keep your budget in check. We provide informed monthly expenditures and work hard to keep you satisfied. Some of the repair services offered by HTX include:

Planned Maintenance

HTX provides timely planned maintenance on the equipment you purchase from us. Our comprehensive planned maintenance programs mean there’s no need to take time to schedule service or halt operations. HTX comes right to your facility to perform regularly scheduled service on your equipment. Our technicians are trained to proactively catch and address issues to prevent costly repairs.

Repair Performed by Certified Technicians

We only employ certified technicians with years of experience and extensive knowledge of industrial equipment, so we can offer an in-depth and educated opinion on how to repair your equipment correctly. Our experts will have your equipment up and running with limited disruption to your operations.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Parts Supplier

HTX offers the best equipment for your needs and provides parts from the most well-known brands on the market, including:

  • Linde
  • CAT
  • Mitsubishi
  • Toyota

Partner With HTX for Your Material Handling Supplies

Your goals as a business are important to us. We contribute to your production needs with our forward-thinking solutions and high-quality machinery. Contact HTX today if you’re looking to increase workplace efficiency and improve the safety of your employees.











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