MasterTug MT1500+ | Pedestrian Operated Tug

MasterTug MT1500+ | Pedestrian Operated Tug

The MasterTug MT1500+ is designed to allow a single pedestrian operator to easily push, pull and steer wheeled loads weighing up to a maximum of 33,000 lb. As part of the MasterTug range, the pedestrian operated tug features a safe maintenance-free battery that can be upgraded to become interchangeable and a display screen that shows remaining charge. The tug’s steel chassis is FEA tested to ensure there are no weaknesses and loads are manoeuvrable through 180°.

  • Battery monitoring system
  • FEA tested steel chassis
  • Dual secured mast
  • AC drive motor
  • Self-adjusting castor guard
  • Hydraulic weight transfer
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Safety Features

Automatic cut off as tiller arm returns to vertical

 Anti-crush button

 Emergency stop button

 Warning horn

 Self-adjusting castor guard for foot protection

flashing safety light and motion bleeper

two speed selector switch

wireless control handset

combi lock

quick release coupling pins

battery protection system

Lithium battery


Coupling – male – height adjustable combi – medium

Coupling – male – height adjustable box – medium

Coupling – female – combi – medium

Coupling – female – box – medium

Coupling – channel coupling body

Bespoke couplings available
Technical Data


Product code MT1500+
Recommended load weight – Castors 33,000 lb
Recommended load weight – Rails 132,000 lb
Machine weight including battery 1,100 lb
Drive type Electric AC
Parking brake Electromagnetic
Drive wheel type Polyurethane
Drive motor power 2 kW
Controller type AC
Variable machine speed 0.1 mph – 3.1 mph
Ingress Protection IP44

Battery options

Battery pack – sealed – 179Ah 24V – interchangeable  

Charging options

Charger – internal – 20A 24V – 110V-240V  
Charger – external – 30A 24V – 110V-240V  

Additional equipment

Option – flashing safety light and motion bleeper  
Option – two speed selector switch  
Option – wireless control handset  
Option – battery protection system  

Male coupling options

Coupling – male – height adjustable combi – large  
Coupling – male – height adjustable box – large  
Coupling – channel coupling body  

Female coupling options

Coupling – female – combi – large  
Coupling – female – box – large

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