Warehouse Industry Optimization Amid COVID-19

Warehouse Industry Optimization

Amid COVID-19

The past few years have introduced a variety of problems for the warehouse industry—supply chain problems, worker shortages, and most importantly, COVID-19. Luckily, there are ways to circumnavigate and address these issues.

Common Problems Affecting the Warehouse Industry

The economy, supply chains, and other circumstances are constantly changing for industries around the world. Adapting and evolving are the best ways for businesses to handle these potential issues. Knowing what problems your industry is facing is essential to understanding how to fix these problems. The COVID-19 pandemic forced the warehouse industry to adapt to the presented problems.

Here are some of the common issues the warehouse industry has been facing over the past few years:

Change in Supply Chains and Shortages

Managing inventory is an essential function of the warehouse industry. However, many issues can disrupt this vital process.

Supply chain shortages can disrupt any warehousing storage facility. Warehouses constantly track their inventory and behave accordingly. Based on data, warehouses hire the correct number of employees, manage storage space, and update operations depending on how much inventory is going inbound and outbound.

Abrupt emergencies, lack of demand, and high supply costs can affect inventory. For example, when COVID-19 first surfaced, many industries reduced their number of employees or shut down facilities completely, interrupting warehouse functions and reducing manufactured goods. Transport restrictions were put into place, affecting the shipping of goods from other countries and longshoring facilities.

Worker and Employee Shortage

The warehouse industry faces a shortage of qualified or eligible workers. COVID-19 has been one of the biggest reasons for this.

For example, every worker must be tested and quarantined if a single worker contracts the virus, sometimes halting operations for long periods. Worker shortages affect complex tasks such as order picking, order fulfillment, and other responsibilities. What are you supposed to do if your warehouse has new shipments that require storage space, but there aren’t enough workers to free up storage locations before the delivery?

Worker shortages have drastic effects and are just as serious as supply chain disruptions.

Are your warehouse operations facing COVID-19-related issues such as worker shortages and supply chain disruption? HTX Material Handling is here to help.

Warehouse Solutions for COVID-19-Related Issues

The warehouse industry has found efficient ways to get around COVID-19-related problems and other supply chain issues. These solutions and helpful technologies assist warehouse managers and their workers.

Inventory Management Systems

Warehouse management systems (WMS) are a technology that tracks inventory, warehouse processes, and other essential data. They manage storage systems, goods and services, and any shifts in supply, all in real time. These automated systems can increase productivity and reduce wasted time.

Automated systems can quickly identify any shifts in the supply chain and handle the problem accordingly. A WMS helps the bottom line of any warehouse.

Automation Technology

Automation is the future of the warehouse industry. Warehouses process thousands of products, deliveries, and shipments a day. Because of this, warehouse automation can help you deal with COVID-19-related problems.

Automation technology can carry out pallet racking, product transportation, and inventory picking, allowing employees to tackle tasks that require critical thinking and projects that automation can’t handle.

Material handling automated systems can unload products from trailers and processing or manufacturing lines. They may also be specially programmed to store, load, and retrieve products on demand.

Investing in warehouse best practices can reduce human error, promote predictable lead times, and reduce worker shortage problems. With automated systems and processes, you can accomplish more with fewer people.

HTX Material Handling Provides Warehouse Solutions

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