Warehouse Optimization Tips

Warehouse Optimization Tips

How To Optimize Warehouse Operations

Domestic retail imports saw a significant increase in the first half of 2021. The recent surge in product inventory increased the need for proper warehouse optimization techniques.

Operating an efficient warehouse while handling demand increases is a top priority for any manager. Let’s review some warehouse efficiency ideas that can improve your workplace productivity.

Warehouse Process Improvement Tips

Managing warehouse processes enhances your workers’ ability to pick specific order components accurately. Reducing order fulfillment time and increasing the accuracy of your process will make your warehouse more efficient. Here are some tips on how to improve your warehouse process:

Use a Warehouse Management System

Warehouse management systems optimize flow by analyzing the best use of floor space based on task and material characteristics. Using management software allows for accurate inventory management and improves worker performance. Other benefits include:

Increased Security

Warehouse management systems require workers to enter transactions using an individual user account, producing a paper trail that ties transactions to a specific worker. Increased accountability minimizes product theft.

Reduced Expenses

A warehouse management system reduces waste by alerting you on which units are perishable and in need of a sales push.

Enhanced Customer Service

Warehouse management systems streamline the entire process, from order to delivery. By providing inventory updates and accurate delivery dates, you improve your relationship with clients.

Use Digital Tracking

Digitizing your order tracking process mitigates potential problems. For example, replacing paper order forms with digital barcode readers minimizes the risk of human error and improves warehouse efficiency. Barcode readers that work directly with your warehouse management system allow for immediate inventory updates.

Track Assets Using a Real-Time Location System

A real-time location system pinpoints where lift trucks and other high-value assets are in your facility. Using a location system reduces time spent looking for misplaced warehouse equipment.

Automate Your Warehouse

Implementing warehouse automation increases the productivity of your warehouse and reduces labor costs. Autonomous lift trucks for moving products or making repetitive motions free up your workers for more important tasks.

How To Improve Warehouse Layout Optimization

An efficient warehouse layout makes your workers’ jobs easier and lets you determine the volume of products your facility can safely hold. Here are some warehouse layout optimization tips:

Arrange Inventory Based on Demand

How you organize the inventory in your warehouse has a significant impact on efficiency. Stocking high-demand items towards the front of your warehouse reduces the time spent retrieving them. Consider the type of client you serve when planning your layout. Facilities that fulfill large orders for retailers need to provide wider aisles for lift trucks, while warehouses that ship directly to consumers need to allow space for rapid fulfillment of small orders.

Don’t Overstock Low-Demand Items

Every inch of space in a warehouse should have a function. Space wasted on low-demand items negatively impacts efficiency. Dedicating the storage of low-demand items to remote corners of a warehouse helps maximize warehouse space for items that are frequently in demand.

Optimize Vertical Space

Warehouse managers increasingly have to store more items with less space available. Improve space utilization by using vertical storage. Install higher racks to hold seasonal or low-demand products; this allows you to keep additional products without increasing your storage area. Stacking pallets high provides an ideal location for extra inventory.

If your operations require shipping or cardboard boxes, creating a storage area above the dock doors lets you keep them close without taking up valuable space.

Simplify Your Layout

Your employees must be able to find products as quickly as possible. A warehouse with a confusing layout and scattered items increases the time spent looking for inventory. Arrange your warehouse in a way that’s easy for all employees to understand. Consider installing labels at the ends of aisles detailing what’s stored there; labeling storage areas helps your workers retrieve items quickly.

To improve traffic flow, designate specific lanes for vehicles and employees. Guardrails or floor tape provide a good barrier between people and equipment. For narrow aisles, consider marking out one-way flow patterns. Traffic moving in the same direction in tight spaces limits accidents and improves productivity.

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How To Increase Efficiency Using Material Handling Equipment

The equipment you use in a warehouse plays a significant role in operational efficiencies. Selecting the right material handling equipment, combined with a well-planned layout, allows for maximum warehouse space optimization.

Use High-Density Pallet Racking

Install high-density pallet racking that can store more items than your old racking to increase storage capacity. To avoid safety hazards, select models with higher capacities than needed to avoid overloading them. Adding racks and beams in lower places for shorter items allows you to store more items in the same amount of space.

Use Wire Baskets

Wire baskets provide full visibility of the contents while securely holding them. Available in a wide range of sizes, wire baskets fit into almost any warehouse layout.

Install Rack Guards

Rack guards keep products from falling off of racks and into aisles. Fallen products require time to replace and create hazards for vehicles driving down aisles. Fragile products may break if they fall, leading to lost revenue.

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