Baoli Forklifts: An Economic Solution

Would you invest in expensive forklift trucks that underperform? Of course not! For safe material handling, you need an affordable forklift truck that’s highly reliable and productive, like the Baoli Forklift. Unlike other low-cost brands, Baoli offers high-end features at favorable prices. You’ll also enjoy a premium warranty and exceptional product support.

Renowned for offering economic material handling solutions, Baoli is experiencing rapid growth in popularity. The company is a subsidiary of The KION Group and is supported by KION North America and their extensive dealer network. The brand combines KION’s operational excellence and Baoli’s manufacturing competence to deliver incredible value. Still on the fence? Let’s take a closer look at what Baoli has to offer.

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Baoli forklifts come in two chassis offerings: 3-Wheel electric forklifts and traditional Counterbalanced pneumatic tire forklifts.

  • Baoli Pneumatic Tire Truck: You can get both the LPG and Diesel pneumatic-tire forklift designs. Featuring either a Nissan LPG Engine or Kohler Diesel Engine, both powertrains are incredibly robust and offer tremendous value.
  • Baoli Electric Forklifts: The three-wheel electric (KBET18) is one of the most reliable and affordable electric forklifts on the market today. Not to mention, it’s highly efficient, almost guaranteeing productivity increases.


Designed to handle the toughest jobs, Baoli Forklifts guarantee better performance. The LPG and Diesel forklift designs have load capacities of 5,000-10,000 pounds. While the 3-Wheel electric version is offered in a 3500# capacity version…the industry’s most popular capacity for that chassis design.

Excellent Features

By building its reputation on value, Baoli forklifts feature impressive capabilities designed to exceed customer expectations. The forklifts’ advanced electronic control units (ECUs) and fuel systems make them very economical when it comes to fuel consumption. Besides, the forklifts boast longer maintenance intervals of 500 hours, further reducing maintenance requirements.

A few of a Baoli forklift’s best selling points include:

  • Lower center of gravity to improve stability
  • Tilt steering column and adjustable full-suspension seat to boost comfort
  • Optimized overhead guards to protect operators from falling objects
  • High-quality engine to guarantee efficiency
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Full view mast for excellent forward visibility
  • Safe and comfortable seating for operators

Pro Tip: Baoli forklifts are designed for maximum safety and easy driving. However, don’t neglect forklift safety training! Keep your employees educated on how to operate their machinery.

A Forklift for All Your Material Handling Needs

Buying affordable and high-performance equipment, like Baoli forklifts, will boost the productivity of your material handling business. They combine comfort, convenience, and cost-effectiveness for excellent results. One of our team members can help you select the right capacity and specifications for your unique application.

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