The Advantages of Electric Forklifts

Are you considering electric forklifts for your business? Electric models can offer numerous advantages over their internal combustion cousins. Making a switch to electric forklifts will often yield a much better return on your investment.

Unlike other forklifts, these models are driven by electric motors rather than an engine. Many benefits begin to appear as a result, including improved efficiency, lower operating costs, lower maintenance costs, and a near-zero impact on the environment. Let’s take a closer look at why electric forklifts may be the better choice for your operation.

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Reduced Environmental Impact

Since electric forklifts don’t use internal combustion engines, they do not emit harmful greenhouse gases, that also pose risks in enclosed spaces. This also reduces your workplace’s impact on the environment. Sealed AC Electric motors, powered by a battery, provide a safe, clean source of power, with ZERO emissions.

Efficiency & Performance

A forklift’s efficiency and performance matter a lot no matter what the application. An electric forklift works more efficiently than its IC counterpart. Linde Electric models using 80-volt technology and high-frequency charging systems, provide speed, gradeability, and overall performance which is often superior to forklifts running on conventional fossil fuels. Better yet, a fully charged forklift battery with this technology can last 12 – 14 hours on a single charge, or 24 hours utilizing ‘opportunity charging’, thus eliminating the need for multiple batteries or battery change-outs.

Pro Tip: Whether you need a heavy-duty outdoor forklift or a vehicle small enough to fit in narrow aisles, we can help you find a Linde electric model that meets your needs perfectly.

Straightforward Maintenance

Although you’ll pay more upfront when investing in electric forklifts, they’ll help you save money on operating and maintenance costs immediately. Battery-powered lift trucks have relatively few parts, and what they do have requires less attention than what you are likely accustomed to.

An Excellent Choice

Electric forklifts are an excellent choice for almost any business handling materials in their daily operations. They are energy-efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly. All of our Linde electric forklifts have features you need for efficient material handling in your warehouse, whether big or small.

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