When handling long items, users face particular challenges. The loads have different dimensions and often have to be transported in narrow aisles. Vehicle concepts which can be flexibly adapted are therefore in demand. And this is where HUBTEX comes in with its multidirectional industrial trucks. Over the past 40 years, the core product has been developed in countless variants. Our multidirectional industrial trucks are suitable for the universal handling of long goods, packets of sheets, chipboard, tools, cable drums, rollers, oversized pallets and round materials in narrow aisle racking systems or are freely movable indoors and outdoors.

Optimal warehouse capacities

HUBTEX multidirectional sideloaders make it possible to travel along narrow aisles without any problems, enabling the distance between rack rows to be reduced to a minimum. This is possible thanks to a wide range of track guidance and personal protection systems. Using these creates space for additional rows of racks and increased storage capacity.



ESTL | PhoeniX

Individually adaptable | Capacities up to 35 t | Lift height up to 14000 mm

The modules for our ESTL electric multidirectional sideloader series | PHOENIX offer the most variants worldwide. These lift trucks can be flexibly adapted to meet your requirements in almost all equipment variants.


The alternative to diesel & gas | Up to 4.5 t | Up to 7.5 m lift height

Reduced to the most sold variants, this multi-directional industrial truck offers a cost-effective alternative to diesel and gas-powered vehicles. A large cab, the best view and a compact mast make the multidirectional industrial truck / sideloader a real guarantee in the industrial truck industry. See for yourself.


Universal entry-level vehicle | Capacity up to 3 t | 3-wheel vehicle

Our 3-wheel sideloaders offer a cost-effective way to handle long loads in combined outdoor and indoor use with load capacities of up to three tons. In addition, the sideloader can score points with the fastest transition times between the different driving directions. 


Entry-level vehicle for use indoors | Capacity up to 2 t | 4-wheel vehicle

The EASY is specially designed for use indoors with good floor conditions. It is always recommended when a 4-wheel fourway sideloader is required for light operations.

Discover the advantages for your area of application

We know that, when handling long items, users face particular challenges. To help us provide you with the best possible solution for your area of application, we recommend that you inform us of your individual requirements with just a few clicks.



Why a side loader?

Wherever long loads are transported, loaded or unloaded, the sideloader is in its element. The sideloader is preferably used in external warehouses in the wood, building materials and steel industries. The trucks are available with diesel, gas or electric drive and set standards in terms of energy efficiency, economy and ergonomics with their high driving speeds and narrow cab design. Sideloaders are characterised by high travel speeds, large ground clearance and a wide range of tyre options. The trucks are suitable for transporting long goods in narrow aisles or can also be freely manoeuvred for fast and safe transport. Hubtex has specialised in the manufacture of special sideloaders. These combine the advantages of conventional sideloaders with the requirements for operation in narrow aisles.

How is a sideloader constructed?

A side loader is a forklift truck equipped with a side-mounted mast and a loading platform. Long goods can thus be picked up without turning off. In addition to load capacity and lifting height, the tires are the most important factor to be able to specify a truck that is optimally adapted to the requirements. Residual load capacity and stability, platform height and ground clearance are determined by the tires. The lateral load pick-up of the load is effected via the mast using mast extension, usually via two cylinders crossed over each other with end position damping in both end positions. The mast is thereby pushed to the load. The chassis of the device is brought into the optimum position for load absorption and load securing using platform inclination.

Why does HUBTEX offer vehicles in the same load capacity classes as 48V or 80V versions?

HUBTEX always tries to adapt its vehicles ideally to the respective application requirements. For this reason HUBTEX offers vehicles with 48V as well as 80V voltage, especially in the load capacity classes 3.0 to 4.5 t. As a matter of principle, HUBTEX does not offer vehicles in the load capacity range from 1.5 to 3 tons with a voltage of 80V. Here are some arguments:

  • compact short design to allow small turning radii
  • and to better enable block storage
  • cheaper energy package in case of replacement procurement; also an important factor
  • in the analysis of multi-shift operations
  • lower weight of the vehicle, which leads to longer battery life
  • and less wear on the wheels leads to
  • Almost identical energy content with the same installation space
  • Comparison of the energy content: 48 V x 930 Ah = 44.6 kW/hour |
  • 80 V x 600 Ah = 48.0 kW/hour
  • cheaper control components, cheaper spare parts
  • for drive technology and working hydraulics

PER 80 V (LOAD CAPACITY CLASS 3000 KG – 10,000 KG):

  • higher load capacities
  • more performance due to larger pumps and motors
  • slightly higher battery power
  • Reduction of power losses, as less heat is generated by higher tension
Why is there an inclination on sideloaders?

Unlike other types of forklift trucks, sideloaders usually have a platform inclination. These are cylinders installed on the platform side and corresponding to each other, which ensure constant compensation for uneven floors and keep the load safe and stable during transport. The inclination of the chassis brings the truck into the optimum position for load pickup and load securing.

How is the mast reach of a sideloader carried out?

The mast reach of a sideloader is usually carried out by two cylinders crossed over each other with end position damping in both end positions. This protects the equipment and goods.

What is the difference between multi-directional sideloaders and conventional sideloaders?

Both vehicles are basically sideloaders, but in different versions. When long loads have to be transported quickly over long distances on poor surfaces, the conventional sideloader shows its advantages. Multidirectional sideloaders, on the other hand, have their advantages when space is limited due to their high manoeuvrability and can therefore play out their advantages especially in combined indoor and outdoor use.

What is the difference between multi-directional sideloaders and four-way reach trucks?

Both vehicle types are basically suitable for long goods transport. Depending on the area of application, however, there are differences between the vehicles due to their construction, function and dimensions. If there is sufficient space available to the user and/or the main part of all loads are Euro pallets and only rarely long goods and if only a hall application is planned, then a customer will certainly tend towards a four-way reach truck or a normal reach truck.
However, if the customer frequently has long goods loads and uneven floors made of asphalt or composite stone paving, then multidirectional sideloaders have clear advantages due to

  • narrow width of the machine and therefore small turning radius,
  • the load depth and load bed depth of the truck are identical
  • the large mast feed = load depth + 100 mm,
  • the 4-wheel chassis in a wide and stable frame and therefore better stability,
  • the possibility of rail guidance,
  • the two-part pendulum chassis to compensate for uneven ground,
  • the vibration-damped driver’s cab,
  • the electronic 4-wheel steering system with 8 steering programs for precise movements,
  • the two drive wheels and two double load wheels
  • the larger wheel dimensions
  • alternatively a soft elastic tyre for use on asphalt,
  • the good view of the load or forks,
  • of the identical length of the long fork carriage with the frame length,
  • Constant vehicle width despite long fork carriage
  • smaller “b”/”l2” dimension than for reach trucks
Where can you buy a used 4-way forklift?

HUBTEX has been producing 4-way forklifts since 2001 and accordingly a large number of interesting used trucks are now available. Before they are sold, they are renewed by experienced technicians at the HUBTEX manufacturing plant and brought into a very good condition.
Due to the exclusive use of original spare parts your forklift truck remains an original HUBTEX. Our service advisors offer you the highest transparency for the development of your maintenance costs. Individually tailored maintenance concepts offer you a clearly calculable cost structure. On request, we can analyse your previous maintenance costs and show you potential savings. This means that even the investment in a used device can become a long-term investment.

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