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About JLG

Founded in 1969, JLG Industries is a reputable brand known worldwide for its innovative and high-quality lifting equipment. The company’s product line prominently features forklifts, appreciated for their reliability and efficiency in various industries.

JLG’s forklifts have set the bar high regarding safety, productivity, and, most importantly, performance. The company also offers some of the best after-sales services, making it a go-to provider in the forklift industry.

As a leading provider of material handling equipment, HTX offers JLG’s full line of durable and energy-efficient forklifts and trailers. Our team takes pride in working closely with clients to find the right JLG product.

Features of JLG’s Forklifts

In the material handling world, JLG has long been a trusted name known for its commitment to innovation and high-quality equipment. Some of the features they provide include:

Robust Build Quality

JLG forklifts are renowned for their robust build quality. They are designed to withstand the rigors of industrial environments, ensuring longevity and reliability. The sturdy frame and components can easily handle heavy loads, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Versatile Models

JLG offers diverse forklift models, each tailored to specific needs. From compact electric models ideal for tight spaces to rough-terrain models designed to handle challenging outdoor conditions, JLG has a forklift for every job. Their versatility means that you can find the perfect machine for your unique material handling requirements.

Lifting Capacity

One of the standout features of JLG forklifts is their impressive lifting capacity. These machines can handle loads from lighter pallets to heavy machinery, making them suitable for multiple industries, including manufacturing, construction, and warehousing.

Precise Handling

JLG’s forklifts boast smooth and precise handling, essential for the safe and efficient movement of loads. Features like power steering, responsive brakes, and intuitive controls make it easy for operators to confidently maneuver the forklift.

Innovative Telematics

JLG integrates cutting-edge telematics into their forklifts, allowing businesses to monitor and optimize fleet performance. Telematics provides valuable data on usage, maintenance needs, and operator behavior, helping companies improve efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Increase Your Warehouse Operations With JLG Equipment

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Advantages of JLG’s Equipment

Increased Efficiency

Among the many forklift brands available, JLG forklifts have established a stronghold in the industry through their promise of unparalleled efficiency. Their designs incorporate robust engines and drive systems that maximize performance, providing end-users a seamless operational experience.

To add to their efficiency, JLG forklifts also offer excellent fuel economy. This results in cost savings and contributes to environmentally friendly operations. The machines are configured to consume minimal energy while maintaining high uptime, making them ideal for various applications.

JLG boom lift

Improved Durability

JLG forklifts are built to deliver remarkable durability. Their robust construction features high-quality materials and state-of-the-art fabrication techniques. This ensures that the machines can withstand the toughest work environments and provide long-lasting service.

In addition, JLG forklifts come with advanced suspension systems that provide superior structural integrity, protecting the machines against wear and tear. This significantly reduces maintenance costs and aids in maintaining the forklift’s optimal performance.

Enhanced Safety

Given the hazardous nature of material handling work, safety is paramount, and JLG Forklifts have made safety a top design consideration. Despite their power, they incorporate numerous safety features, including automatic leveling, fall arrest bars, and overload protection systems to protect workers and cargo.

Pioneering innovations like JLG’s SkyGuard technology enhance operator protection without compromising productivity. Safety mechanisms of this type provide an additional layer of security, solidifying JLG’s position as a leading choice for safe and productive forklift operations.

Keep Your JLG Equipment in Peak Condition With HTX Material Handling

Selecting the optimal forklift supplier ensures the long-term durability and performance of your JLG equipment. As a premier warehouse solutions provider, HTX Material Handling draws on expertise to maintain lift operability through maintenance services tailored to your needs. Our solutions include:


As the original manufacturer, HTX offers comprehensive repair contracts to optimize your equipment uptime. Our extensive inventory of genuine parts and factory-trained technicians expertly service your machines with prompt repairs. HTX’s experienced staff and robust stock streamline operations and budgeting through total maintenance and repair agreements.


HTX’s preventive maintenance program helps maximize forklift uptime and minimize costs by regularly inspecting equipment to catch issues early. Experienced technicians perform tune-ups and repairs to keep forklifts running smoothly, staying ahead of problems before they require major work. Proactive maintenance is HTX’s key to protecting your material handling investment.

HTX: A Leading Provider of JLG Equipment

HTX provides premier forklifts in Houston and Dallas, focusing on high quality equipment and exceptional service. We strive to elevate industry standards through our commitment to customers, guided by their success. Contact us today to learn more about our selection of JLG equipment.

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