The Benefits of Electric Forklifts and Why Your Warehouse Needs One

Many warehouses today have implemented electric forklifts into their daily operations due to their many advantages, such as being more versatile and cost-effective than traditional equipment. However, some companies still have yet to adopt electric equipment, which could be preventing their bottom line from reaching its full potential.

If you’re considering investing in an electric forklift for your warehouse, or have previously had little interest in doing so, continue reading. The following article covers essential topics related to electric forklifts that might convince you otherwise, including:

  • How are electric forklifts different?
  • The advantages of electric forklifts
  • Is an electric forklift right for you?
  • How HTX Material Handling can set you up

Why Electric Forklifts?

Traditionally, forklifts have relied on gas and diesel for power, but electric-powered models offer a cleaner alternative by using electricity to function. The electric sub-types are quieter, eco-friendly, and versatile in tight spaces. Rather than constantly replenishing their fuel storage, you can simply plug them into the wall for overnight battery charging. That’s why electric-powered forklifts are quickly becoming the go-to equipment choice of major material handling companies.

Types of Electric Equipment

Many kinds of electric forklifts are available to meet your company’s warehouse needs. Some of the most popular types of electric-powered lifts include:

4 Common Benefits of Electric Forklifts

Versatile and Efficient

Less internal components mean reduced maintenance, breakdowns, and downtime, allowing electric forklifts to remain productive for more significant portions of time. Increased productivity helps fulfill orders faster and raise profits for your business. Thanks to the versatility of electric equipment, you can experience higher levels of efficiency both indoors and outdoors with most tasks. 

Using forklifts outdoors can be extremely helpful for stacking pallets and unloading products from trucks, but only if you know how to operate them properly. Learn valuable tips and tricks for operating an outdoor forklift to be prepared for any situation.


Compared to traditional engine-powered forklifts, electric models are much more cost-effective. For one, they don’t require engine oil, gas, or coolants that can quickly add up in costs, as opposed to the cheap alternative of a slightly higher electric bill. Additionally, the maintenance costs tend to be lower due to fewer components and moving parts that need to be replaced or repaired. Owners of electric forklifts quickly discover that the equipment pays for itself in the long run.

Environmentally Friendly

Using electric-powered equipment doesn’t just benefit your business, it also helps the environment. Without producing harmful emissions, electric forklifts drastically minimize your carbon footprint and reduce environmental impact. By relying on either lithium-ion or lead acid batteries rather than fossil fuels, we’re creating a more sustainable way to continue work operations while protecting our planet.

Practical for Enclosed Spaces

Whereas traditional forklifts can be bulky, loud, and produce exhaust fumes that can prove harmful to workers in tight spaces, electric models are the exact opposite. They are made to maneuver around sharp corners and cramped aisles with speed, accuracy, and safety in mind. They also have a tight turn radius and don’t require external fuel storage, which can take up additional storage space.

Electric forklifts are also extremely quiet compared to internal combustion models, producing little noise besides reverse signals and horns. Reduced noise can make work operations easier for employees and protect their hearing. By having no emissions, the health and safety of warehouse workers can be preserved even better.

Is an Electric Forklift Right for Your Business?

Every business that uses forklift equipment could benefit from electric-powered models to some extent, but specific industries may get more use out of them than others. The following industries are prime candidates for electric forklifts:

Warehouse Storage

Electric forklifts are the perfect solution for warehouse storage, as they allow pallets and products to be stacked, stored, and shelved as quickly and efficiently as possible. A full battery can easily get your forklift through a day of organizing and retrieving products, and in the event of unexpected downtime, they can be charged and ready for subsequent use. If your warehouse is tight on space, the maneuverability of electric forklifts can make operations efficient and productive. Still, it may indicate that you need to upgrade your storage solutions.


Retail consists of fast-paced environments that require quick retrievals to meet customers’ needs. Electric forklifts excel at navigating these situations because of their speed and accuracy, as well as their ability to be quickly accessed and operated. For operations that never seem to slow down, having multiple machines at your disposal may be beneficial. This way, when the charge of a forklift is depleted, it can be swapped out at the charging station for a fully-powered model, allowing for a constant flow of productivity and reduced downtime.

Manufacturing and Construction

Engine-powered forklifts may be the best option for heavy-duty loads on construction sites, but that doesn’t mean manufacturing plants and builder’s yards can’t reap the benefits of electric forklifts. Specific models of electric forklifts can still carry immense loads of several tons, giving operators the best of both worlds.

Now that you’re aware of the benefits and practical uses of electric forklifts, all you need to do is find a trusted material handling company that provides them—and we know just the one.

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