How Can Order Pickers Maximize My Warehouse Efficiency?

Vertical order pickers can be a great way to increase the productivity of your warehouse or distribution center. Although similar in design to forklifts, vertical order pickers work differently. Order pickers allow their operators to navigate directly to products, while forklifts just allow one to move many items simultaneously. By allowing operators to avoid the time consuming task of loading and unloading pallets from a forklift, and pull from the product directly, order pickers can increase the efficiency of your warehouse or distribution center. With this uptick in efficiency, you’ll be able to complete more orders and increase your profits over time.

Modular Order Pickers for Every Type of Material Handling

Linde Material Handling designs a variety of material handling equipment for each and every type of warehouse need. Whether you are working in online retail, small parts logistics, or in a large distribution center, Linde likely has the high quality equipment you’re looking for. Their wide range of order pickers allow you to cover any need within your warehouse while driving efficiency and productivity upward in the long term.

Increasing Storage Space? Safely Pick From Higher Heights

Growing businesses are always looking for ways to maximize their warehouse or distribution center efficiency. As the demand for your services rises, you’ll find yourself needing more and more space for materials, parts, and products. Your warehouse storage system will likely rise in tandem, literally starting from the ground level and moving up. As these changes happen, you’ll need the right equipment to ensure that you can access all of your products, regardless of how high off the floor they are.

Linde designs order pickers, like their V Modular picker, that allow access to materials from the ground up to 12 meters, letting you stack continually upward without worrying about running out of storage space. Linde aerial lifts can also extend upward while simultaneously traversing across the ground, letting you reach your picking location in the quickest way possible. Use these pieces of equipment to maximize your inventory efficiency and exceed at even greater heights.

Traveling Through a Large Warehouse With Lightning Efficiency

Keeping your business running smoothly and efficiently is all about maintaining speed. Getting from one end of the warehouse to another to fulfill an order as quickly as possible lets your business complete more work in a shorter amount of time. Maintaining this high degree of efficiency lets your company take in higher profits, since less time is spent going back and forth.

New Linde order pickers, like the V Modular B picker, have a maximum speed of 13 kilometers per hour, allowing you and your employees to move quickly through picking orders without worrying about running behind schedule. Even over rough terrain, Linde pickers can get you and your products from point A to point B with the utmost efficiency.

Modular Components for Your Specific Needs

Linde’s order pickers are tailored to each warehouse or distribution center’s needs. By allowing warehouses or distribution centers to choose from a variety of optional elements, such as modular mirrors or extra sensors, you can be sure that your order picker will be the most ideal piece of equipment for your workspace.
Mast height, load capacity, and even travel speeds can also be adjusted for each workplace to make sure that your order pickers function in the best way for your space. Linde order pickers even come with the ability to add terminals or mounting brackets to further tailor your order picker for your warehouse.


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Keeping Your Employees Safe During the Picking Process


Vertical picking can be dangerous work, but with a variety of fine-tuned safety elements in place on their order pickers, Linde lets your company thrive in the area of workplace efficiency without fear of running into safety issues.

Safety, Sensors, and Starting Up

Linde’s order pickers are not only designed for speed and efficiency within the warehouse, but for the utmost safety. A variety of mechanisms work simultaneously to keep your workplace safe:

  • Sensors inside the truck cab prevent the order picker from moving unless both hands are on the control panel, reducing the possibility of operating errors and injury.
  • Side barriers on the cab close at heights exceeding 1.2 meters, ensuring driver safety at raised heights.
  • Linde order picker masts are designed to give the operator a high degree of visibility, but optional scanners may be installed on the front and rear of the cab to detect collisions.
  • Truck speed is automatically reduced when going around turns.

Ergonomic Design To Keep You Comfortable Throughout Your Shift

Linde’s order pickers come with a number of ergonomic elements geared toward keeping employees safe and comfortable during the picking process. These measures can increase accessibility to picking and reduce the risk of injury from repeated use.

Here are a few modular safety components included in Linde order pickers:

  • Cushioned mats and non-slip platforms are decoupled from the chassis to reduce or eliminate the vibrations felt by the truck operator.
  • Low entry height reduces strain on legs and lower back while providing accessibility to picking different orders.
  • Models designed to be used at greater working heights can be outfitted with tilting barriers that can extend the reach of the picker without strain.

Having such a variety of safety mechanisms in place keeps your warehouse or distribution center running smoothly; keeping your employees safe is paramount to maintaining an efficient workflow throughout the day

Forklift Rental in Houston and Dallas


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