Leading Linde Forklift Supplier

Leading Linde Forklift Supplier

Forklifts are the backbone of efficient warehouse management. They increase employee productivity and safety by moving heavy materials over short distances. Deciding which forklift brand to purchase is a daunting task for any warehouse manager; cost, safety, and efficiency are all elements that factor into that decision. HTX offers equipment from leading forklift manufacturers, including Linde. Read more about Linde’s forklift line and their equipment we offer.

Benefits of Linde Lift Trucks

Linde has established itself as a leading forklift manufacturer. Their equipment offers many benefits, including:

Enhanced Safety

The electric forklifts by Linde are specially designed for maximum visibility to enhance the safety of your driver and other warehouse employees.

Cost Effective

Linde’s electric forklifts require minimal maintenance and are built to last.

Driver Comfortability

Linde’s forklift trucks feature adjustable seats and a driver-friendly control layout that enhances comfort for the operator.

Energy Efficient

Linde’s line of internal combustion forklifts is engineered with an energy-efficient ventilation system that produces low emission levels.

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Linde Forklifts Offered by HTX

HTX understands the important role forklifts play in your warehouse, which is why we keep an extensive inventory of high-quality Linde lift trucks. Our selection includes:

Counterbalanced Trucks

Counterbalanced trucks manufactured by Linde provide a combination of reliability and freedom of movement. The ergonomic seat design offers a unique operating experience and an optimal field of vision. Linde designed their counterbalanced trucks with a low center of gravity that minimizes tipping risk, and the innovative curve control automatically reduces speed when turning.

Narrow Aisle Trucks

Linde’s narrow aisle trucks efficiently move materials in areas with limited space. These trucks have a series of intelligent safety systems that minimize the risk of accidents and collisions. Narrow aisle trucks boost productivity at your warehouse because they move and lift simultaneously and provide above-average speed.

Pallet Trucks

HTX offers Linde pallet trucks with an innovative steering system that allows efficient one-handed control. Linde’s pallet trucks are durable and require minimal maintenance because they’re built with reinforced tilers and dust-protected motors.

Internal Combustion Trucks

Available with pneumatic and cushion tires, the Linde internal combustion trucks provided by HTX feature efficient handling and complete safety benefits that make them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Developed with the driver in mind, the adjustable armrests and back-friendly seats maximize comfort, while exceptional visibility ensures safety for your employees.

Tow Tractors

Linde developed their tow tractors to reach top speed quickly and manage increasing throughputs efficiently. The innovative multiple braking systems guarantee safety in any driving environment.

Linde Forklift Parts Service Provided by HTX

Who you source your forklift from is just as important as what forklift brand you buy. HTX Material Handling offers customer service that maximizes forklift performance, including:

Forklift Repair

HTX offers Total Maintenance and Repair (TM&R) contracts that simplify your operations and your budget. Our trained and certified technicians have extensive knowledge of the equipment we provide, enabling them to repair your machines quickly. We’re an OEM parts supplier and always keep an expansive inventory of high-quality parts.

Planned Maintenance

HTX believes that prevention is the best approach to forklift repair. That’s why we offer a comprehensive planned maintenance program that gives you the most from your equipment. Our technicians can catch and repair issues early, which prevents costly repairs and minimizes downtime.

Forklift Equipment Rental

Our forklift rental program gives you the opportunity to experience Linde products firsthand before purchasing. Our entire line of rental equipment is certified and features the most up-to-date technology.

HTX Material Handling: A Full-Service Linde Forklift Dealer

HTX is the premier provider of forklift trucks for the Houston and Dallas areas because we provide high-quality products and superior customer service. Our mission is to establish a new category of supplier in our industry, one that sets the standard for customer service and support. The success of our customers is what drives our industry-leading service and innovation. Contact us today to learn more about our inventory of Linde forklifts.


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