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When purchasing your material handling equipment, you want to make sure that the lifts you’re buying are durable and versatile. Baoli began manufacturing industry-leading forklifts for multiple industries in 2003. Now part of the KION Group, it remains committed to building efficient and high-quality lifts that enhance productivity. Read more about the selection of Baoli forklifts offered by HTX.

Baoli Forklifts Offered by HTX

HTX understands how valuable forklifts are to the productivity of your business. That’s why we maintain an extensive inventory of high-quality Baoli trucks. Our selection includes:

KBD 25/30/35 Internal Combustion Counterbalanced Pneumatic Tire Trucks

Baoli’s series of KBD 25/30/35 internal combustion counterbalanced pneumatic tire trucks feature a max loading capacity of 5,000 to 7,000 pounds, making it ideal for transporting heavy items. These lifts are powered by an industry-leading engine system that provides outstanding quality and superior performance. The timing chain-driven camshaft maximizes durability, and the innovative deceleration fuel shutoff boosts energy efficiency.

KBD 40/50 Internal Combustion Counterbalanced Pneumatic Tire Trucks

The KBD 40/50 lifts manufactured by Baoli offer state-of-the-art comfort for drivers. Equipped with a fully suspended and cushioned operator compartment, super elastic tires, an adjustable suspension seat, and a tilt steering column, these trucks are built for long-term use. Plus, with a max lifting capacity of almost 10,000 pounds, the KBD 40/50 makes moving heavy items around a warehouse easy. The turbo diesel engine provides high-quality performance and features an innovative fuel mapping system that increases fuel efficiency.

KBG 25/30/35 Internal Combustion Counterbalanced Pneumatic Tire Trucks

Baoli’s KBG 25/30/35 forklift models are designed for performance levels that exceed the standard for economy forklifts. Equipped with a diesel engine and an electronic control unit that includes fuel mapping, these trucks provide enhanced fuel efficiency. The KBG 25-35 series is also equipped with a timing chain-driven camshaft that allows maximum durability. Plus, it features an overhead plexiglass guard, making it ideal for outdoor use.

KBET 18 Electric Counterbalance Sit-Down Truck

With a 3,500-pound maximum lifting capacity, Baoli’s KBET 18 electric counterbalance sit-down truck is ideal for multiple warehouse applications. Its energy-efficient design allows continuous operation throughout the day and is compact enough to maneuver in narrow aisles. Manufactured with superelastic drive and steer tires and an external rearview mirror, the KBET 18 increases productivity and safety.

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Baoli Forklift Services Offered by HTX

Finding the right forklift supplier is just as important as finding the right brand. HTX Material Handling has become the leading forklift dealer for Dallas and Houston because we offer superior customer service and enhanced forklift performance. Our services include:

Forklift Repair

Our Total Maintenance and Repair contracts provide peace of mind by simplifying your operations and budget. Our team of certified technicians has extensive knowledge of the equipment we sell, allowing them to repair your machines quickly.

Planned Maintenance

Forklifts are a significant investment, and regular maintenance increases their working life. HTX offers a planned maintenance program that catches minor issues before they become major problems. One of our expert technicians visits your facility and performs any necessary repairs to keep your equipment running. We also work around your schedule, so you don’t have to worry about impacting productivity.

Forklift Equipment Rentals

Are you in the market for a forklift but aren’t sure which one is right for your needs? HTX offers a comprehensive forklift rental program that lets you test out the vehicle before you purchase it. Our rental equipment features the most up-to-date technology and exceeds industry safety standards. Whether you’re looking to rent for one day or one month, HTX makes renting a forklift in Houston and Dallas easier than ever.

HTX Material Handling: The Leading Baoli Forklift Dealer for Dallas and Houston

HTX is the leading provider of forklift trucks for Dallas and Houston because we offer high-quality products that enhance warehouse productivity. Our goal is to set a new standard for customer service and support in the material handling industry. We communicate transparently and keep our promise to help you maximize the efficiency of your business. Contact us today to learn more about our selection of Baoli forklifts.

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