Ways to Optimize Warehouse Performance Management

Optimize Warehouse Performance Management

Managers are always looking for warehouse efficiency ideas to improve workplace productivity. But what warehouse improvement techniques work best? This blog will detail the ways to make a warehouse more efficient, as well as the solutions HTX offers.

Warehouse Improvement Techniques

Maximize Available Space

Expanding a warehouse is an expensive and time-consuming process. Vertical storage units increase capacity without the need to expand your warehouse. Consider installing pallets as a warehouse storage solution. Pallets allow you to take advantage of underused vertical space, store a large amount of product within a small floor space, and improve efficiency by minimizing order inaccuracies.

Increase Employee Efficiency

Sometimes, warehouse improvement techniques require the right employees for the job. Hiring qualified employees improves warehouse operations, and an automated workplace needs to have knowledgeable IT and maintenance staff. Identifying the team skills you need will narrow down the specific type of candidate you’re looking for.

Organize Your Warehouse Layout

A well-organized warehouse improves productivity because your staff won’t have to search around for equipment. Setting up your warehouse in the order of operations streamlines your process. Consider using the 5S method:

  • Sort: Get rid of the equipment you don’t need by separating needed items from unneeded items
  • Set in order: Organize your required equipment by arranging items based on ease of use
  • Shine: Thoroughly clean and organize your warehouse
  • Standardize: Schedule regular cleaning and maintenance of your workspace
  • Sustain: Make the 5S method a regular habit for your warehouse

Embrace Labels

Properly labeling your warehouse is an easy technique that you should immediately implement. Labeling inventory and work zones increases organization and improves the long-term workflow of your facility.

Adopt Technology

A warehouse management system (WMS) improves efficiency by suggesting the best methods for inventory and delivery. A good WMS provides automated pick lists that are sent to mobile readers to increase productivity and reduce paper waste.

Simplify Data Collection

Data collection allows warehouse managers to see what workers are doing well and what needs improvement. Access to real-time data keeps the management team informed about every process, allowing them to make decisions more confidently. Using mobile devices with barcode scanners is a reliable way to collect data. A University of Arkansas study showed that barcode scanners increased inventory picking accuracy by 27% in 13 weeks.

Set Obtainable Goals

Clearly express the goals set by the company to your workers. Explaining the standards and how they relate to specific jobs will increase employee buy-in, and aligning individual and company goals helps increase productivity.

Ready to improve your warehouse performance management? Contact HTX today to learn more about how our solutions improve efficiency.

How HTX Improves Your Warehouse Performance Management

HTX Material Handling offers a variety of warehouse efficiency ideas to improve your processes. Some of our solutions include:

Warehouse Storage

HTX is a supplier of Dematic warehouse pallet storage solutions for items of all sizes. Pallet storage maximizes capacity, prevents inventory loss, and improves order fulfillment accuracy.

When you pair our award-winning equipment with Dematic’s storage solutions, your company gets the advantages of improved accuracy, better security, and added flexibility for peak periods.

Warehouse Automation

HTX offers warehouse automation technology solutions that improve warehouse performance management. Our automated solutions allow your workers to focus on valuable duties rather than repeated manual labor throughout the day. Automation improves warehouse efficiency by quickly unloading products from trailers, and our systems can be programmed to store and retrieve products on demand.

Material Handling Systems

Enhancing your material handling systems is an effective warehouse improvement technique. HTX recommends three essential material handling systems offered by Dematic:

Inbound Handling

Inbound handling solutions offer increased optimization and organization. Dematic’s iQ software streamlines your processes even when you receive large inventory shipments. Our inbound solutions also improve supply chain management, helping you keep your customers happy.

Outbound Handling

Dematic’s iQ software is powerful and adaptable enough to accurately manage shipments of any size. Our outbound handling solutions are capable of adapting to your changing shipping needs.

Product Sorting Systems

Dematic’s sortation solutions have the flexibility to fulfill high-volume orders during peak seasons.

Warehouse Conveyor Systems

Conveyor systems are among the best ways to make a warehouse more efficient. Dematic conveyor systems can transport pallets, cartons, and other types of packaged materials. Advanced systems can move products throughout your facility and reduce handling costs.

Let HTX Enhance Your Warehouse Performance Management

HTX provides warehouse efficiency ideas that maximize the performance of your facility. Our process is fully transparent, and our focus is your bottom line. Contact HTX today if you’re looking for new warehouse improvement techniques.











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