Reducing Your Warehouse's Environmental Impact

For warehouses, there are many benefits to going green: reducing utility bills and increasing sustainability, reducing your carbon footprint, and providing your employees with an eco-friendly business they are proud to be a part of. How can you begin to reduce your impact on the environment?

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Having your warehouse go green can help you cut costs and create a more sustainable workplace. Here are a few easy ways to reduce substantial environmental impact in your warehouse:

Replace Outdated Equipment 

Your old Internal Combustion (IC) lift trucks are probably worth the cost to update. A newer model can meet Tier 4 emission requirements, burn cleaner, and offer a substantial reduction in fuel consumption. It’s also worth considering switching to electric forklifts, which are zero-emission and offer a host of other cost-saving benefits.

Pro Tip: Make sure your facility is properly insulated to prevent cool air from escaping the building and to ensure the lowest possible utility bills.

Shut Down When Not in Use

Your equipment shouldn’t be running while operations aren’t. Make sure all the equipment is powered down after the last shift of the day in your warehouse. Systems like conveyors should be put into sleep mode or turned off when not in use to avoid wasting energy. For your lift truck fleet, consider installing automatic shut down devices that are programmable.

Switch to Zone Lighting

Often times, fluorescent lighting is left on when it isn’t needed. Zone lighting allows overhead lights to be turned on in specific areas of the warehouse instead of the entire facility. They can be set with timers or occupancy sensors to only light areas where employees are active.


Taking just a few steps to reduce your warehouse energy consumption will help you achieve a more sustainable warehouse and lower your total operational spending.

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