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The new FluX series from HUBTEX is a new generation of omnidirectional counterbalance forklift trucks for combined indoor and outdoor use. The vehicle is designed for handling pallets and long goods in equal parts. The intelligent vehicle control, in combination with state-of-the-art electric motors and the patented HX steering system, makes the truck efficient, easy to use and unbeatable in its class. Special features of the FluX include its compact frame length and the fixed lift mast. This makes the forklift ideally suited for loading and unloading trucks. The cab has been designed to ensure maximum ergonomics and the visibility is enhanced by more compact lift masts and fork carriages.

Optimal storage capacities

The handling of wooden materials presents manufacturers of forklifts and industrial trucks with major challenges. Innovative solutions are required to transport long, heavy and bulky loads safely, even over rough ground and in narrow aisles. HUBTEX has now extended the application range of its FluX and is also offering the electric multidirectional counterbalance forklifts for loads up to 7 tons. The new FLUX 70 is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and combines the advantages of an electric multidirectional truck with those of a heavy-duty truck with an internal combustion motor.


One of the unique selling points of the FLUX is the combination of 4-wheel multidirectional chassis system and the patented HX steering system from HUBTEX. In addition to its high driving speed of up to 12 km/h, the HX steering system is a particular advantage: thanks to the steering system used as standard for the first time in the FLUX, the truck can change direction from longitudinal to transverse drive quickly and without an intermediate stop, causing little wear and tear. As a result, users benefit from significant time savings, depending on the operating conditions, especially when switching between the handling of long goods and pallets. The loading and unloading of trucks is also significantly faster due to the lack of mast feed. The automatic speed reduction dependent on the steering angle allows for optimized speeds to be driven safely..


The HX steering also allows a smooth transition to diagonal travel. This is particularly important when lifting loads. The entire vehicle can be moved sideways when approaching the load. This means that in most cases, equipping the vehicle with an additional sideshift can be avoided.



The spacious cab offers the driver maximum comfort and freedom of movement. All vehicle information is clearly displayed on the color display of the latest generation HIT 3 (HUBTEX information terminal). The HIT is mounted on an adjustable retaining arm, so that the operator can adapt it individually to their needs. All hydraulic functions and preselection of the direction of travel are operated as standard via the ergonomically designed multifunctional joystick. The adjustable height and tilt of the steering column and the air-suspended seat provide additional comfort for the driver.


The unique cab concept provides an optimal panoramic view. Eliminating a mast-side cab column in conjunction with the new compact design of the mast gives the driver an unrivaled visibility radius. This provides the operator with an optimal overview of the truck.


Due to the proven HUBTEX all-wheel steering, large steering angles and the smallest possible turning radii in all driving directions can be guaranteed without restriction. Energy-efficient and powerful three-phase drives and three-phase pump units are used.


This vehicle series is equipped with a 4-wheel chassis with hydraulic level compensation to optimize driving and steering. In order to meet the requirements of a broad range of floor conditions, for example asphalt or paved floors, the units are equipped with elastic tires (EL) as standard.


Masts and fork carriages were specially developed for this vehicle series. The focus of the development was to optimize visibility of the load and the route of the truck. The results are the very compact lift masts and the optimized fork carriages. With a fixed mast and a fork carriage tilt of +5/-5°, they provide effective and safe handling in the rack system.

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Series Load capacity (t) Fork length (l) Lift height (mm) Frame length L (mm) Tire equipment Battery voltage (V) Cab Data Sheet
FluX 20 (2405-EL) 2 1200 up to 7500 1740 EL 48 Q PDF
FluX 30 (2410-EL) 3 1200 up to 7500 1850 EL 48 Q PDF
FluX 40 (2415-EL) 4 1200 up to 7500 1950 EL 48 Q PDF
FluX 70 (2417-EL) 7 1200 up to 7500 2500 EL 80 Q-XXL PDF
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