ECR Electric Warehouse (Pallet) Trucks

ECR Electric Warehouse (Pallet) Trucks



Truck frames feature fixed platform height and all seam-welded unitized construction. Plate steel contoured to shape for rigid strength provides maximum durability and protection for all vital components. The battery compartment is an integral part of the chassis, further adding strength to the frame.


Operator Controls

The operator control handle features a heavy-duty cast design / steel poly construction. Soft-touch accelerator twist grips govern travel direction, speed, also features automatic return to neutral.


Travel Control

The Zapi AC motor controller provides exceptional flexibility by providing user tailored parameters to meet a wide variety of application requirements. The controller provides efficient use of battery voltage and has an extremely wide torque and speed range. In addition, full regeneration capability, smooth low speed control, and zero speed ramp hold applications are realized. Environmental protection is enhanced by the robust construction of the controller and the use of sealed wiring harness connectors to prevent moisture and contaminants from interrupting truck operation in all environments.


Drive Motor

The Series 1102 features a 24 volt, high power, AC drive motor. This high performance motor allows for maximum productivity and excellent reliability. Extended maintenance intervals for motors and complete drive systems are a direct result of this new AC technology.


Motor Compartment Cover

The Series 1102 features a one-piece, lift off motor compartment cover. This style thermosetting resin cover is a product of the latest scientific advances in teh field of chemistry. In addition to their resistance to rust and corrosion, these covers offer superior impact strength, durability, and lifelong proper fit. The same rugged material is used today by most large construction machinery OEM’s.

Model Power Unit Load Capacity
(Q lb)
Load Center
(c in)
(y in)
Tire Size: Front Tire Size: Rear Battery Voltage
ECR40 Electric 8000 Varies Varies 12 x 4 2/3.25 x 6.4 24V
ECR30 Electric 6000 Varies Varies 12 x 4 2/3.25 x 6.4 24V


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