SmartMover® SM100

SmartMover® SM100

The SmartMover® SM100 is a battery powered tug that generates traction through a leveraged weight transfer system. This allows a single operator to easily and safely move loads weighing up to 2,200 lbs

A simple lever system ensures a secure coupling to the load making the SM100 a safer alternative to manual handling of heavy wheeled loads. The addition of anti-slip, puncture-proof tyres and supporting castors, operator safety is maintained at all times, even on slopes or in congested areas.

The SmartMover® SM100 compact electric tug can be fully customised and built to perform at its best in your workplace environment, with various couplings, additional safety features and machine options available.

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Key Features

  • Push and Pull any load safely up to 1,000 kg
  • Interchangeable battery for 24/7 operation
  • Throttle release automatic braking system
  • Leveraged weight transfer system
  • Simple lever coupling system
  • Variable speed control
  • Fully customisable and bespoke couplings
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Safety Features

Emergency stop and warning horn

Slow and fast speed selector for complete control

Automatic braking system when operator releases the throttle

Anti-slip and puncture-proof tyres

Forward facing LED

Flashing safety light and motion bleeper

Interchangeable batteries

Lithium battery

Available in ATEX

Straight coupling

Angled coupling

Roll cage pivot link bar

XrissXross roll cage connection straps

Bespoke couplings available
Technical Data


Product code SM100
Recommended max load 2,200 lbs
Pull force 981 N
Push force 981 N
Chassis All steel powder coated
Machine weight including battery 200 lb
Variable machine speed 0.1 mph – 3.1 mph
Drive motor power 2 x 0.22 kW
Drive wheel type Puncture-proof, non-marking
Parking brake Electromagnetic
Ingress Protection IP42
Noise level ≤ 80 dBA
Operating temperature -15 to 40°C

Battery options

How long does the battery last 9.3 km
Recharging times 4 hr 30 mins
Charger External 5A 24V – 85V-265V
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